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A side-view shot of a young woman sitting in her car, she is cleaning her steering wheel with disinfectant.

How to revive your car’s interior with household items

According to a vehicle specialist, all it takes to clean your car in the winter is one carbonated beverage. The first indications of spring are beginning to emerge after months of rain and subfreezing temperatures. Millions of people around the nation are looking forward to lighter mornings and warmer evenings. A car expert has revealed how a few easy tips might make your car like new again. Graham Conway, from Select Car Leasing, said: “Not only will it make the experience much more pleasurable, many swear that their set of wheels drives better when it’s been given a clean and …

Car parked on curb. Close up of tire.

Majority support nationwide ban on pavement parking, survey finds

The majority of people support demands to outlaw parking on pavements, with nearly two thirds (62%) supporting the idea. Startline Motor Finance conducted the research ...
3d rendering group of EV charging stations or electric vehicle recharging stations with graphic display

AA disputes cold weather concerns for UK electric cars

A motoring association has stated that there is “no evidence” that electric cars (EVs) in the UK “struggle” with cold weather. According to the AA, ...
Senior Male Driver Looking Through Car Windscreen

Calls for mandatory driving test at 65 as petition launched

Some new regulations may require drivers to retake their driving test at a later age. When they reach 65, older drivers are supposed to retake ...

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Cars and lorries travelling in both directions between.
Driver Training

The 2022 Changes to the Highway Code – Should They Be Changed?

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Rear view of mid adult teacher pointing while woman parking car
Driver Training

What If the DVSA Publishes ADI Pass Rates?

Howard Redwood talks about the DVSA contemplating publishing ADI pass rates. This could narrow focus to test routes, affect special needs training, and shift the emphasis ...
Motorcycle on dangerous bend in rural countryside UK

Motorcycle Riding Conditions and How to Handle Them

Mastering motorcycle riding conditions requires skill and composure. From potholes to spilled diesel, Vic Womersley teaches us how to navigate various challenges while staying safe on ...
Concept depicting new possibilities for the development of electric and hybrid cars and the issue of ecological travel in the form of a car-shaped pond located in a lush forest. 3d rendering.

From 2030 – 2035

In 2030, the UK aimed to end new internal combustion engine (ICE) car sales, but the deadline shifted to 2035 Howard Redwood looks into the challenges ...

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HMRC opening a tax letter.
Business advice

How to Spot A HMRC Scam

Keith Halstead tells us how to look out for emails or calls promising tax rebates or demanding details.
Close up of a road in very bad condition with big potholes full of dirty rain water pools.

2023: The Year of Potholes – A Road Safety Recap and What Lies Ahead in 2024

Edmund King from the AA talks about a surge in pothole-related breakdowns in 2023, urging calls for road repair investments. Will 2024 bring relief?
Business advice

The impending alterations to how ADIs’ profits are taxed and the impact these changes will have on your financial planning

Keith Halstead explains the major tax changes for UK ADIs from 2024/25, requiring careful planning and accounting adjustments
Animation of girl taking theory test online
Driving test

Sign of the Times

Edmund King explores why pass rates are so low for the theory test.
DIA Academy Logo

An online centre of learning in the field of driver and rider education and training

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Cropped shot of motocross rider with a trail of dust behind.
Driver Training

How to Choose the Best Dirt Bike Training

Vic Womersley explains how you can experience the rush of conquering challenging terrain with dirt bike training.
The A31 road at the junction with the A32 roundabout during the snow.
Driver Training

Winter Driving Topics

Prepare for safe winter driving with a focus on theory test topics like alertness, safety margins, and road conditions. Stay informed for a secure ride ...
Lesson tips

On the other side

James Whalen dissects how to teach pedestrian crossings as a lesson topic
Driver Training

Speed Limits: Do We Understand Them?

In this article, Howard Redwood delves into the significance behind numbers, letters, and shapes on road signs, explaining regional identifiers, speed limits, and the strategic ...

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Cover of the new Driving: the essential skills book
Resource Materials

Review: The Official DVSA Guide to Driving: the essential skills- 11th edition

Billy Lynch takes a look at the latest edition of a must-have book for any driver.
Electric Car

The Audi Q8 e-tron pushes the brand’s electric ambitions

Sharper looks, fresher tech and more range help Audi’s all-electric Q8 e-tron push the brand’s electric ambitions
Mercedes-Benz EQS on the road, shot from the front
Electric Car

Mercedes-Benz EQs: The electric mega-SUV

It’s big, luxurious and very, very expensive but is the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV actually any good?
The new Kia EV9
Electric Car

Pushing the brand’s boundaries – introducing the EV9

A credible seven-seater electric SUV, the Kia EV9 is quite literally a big deal as the brand pushes into premium territory
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