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Driver Behaviour

Over half of drivers reveal they won’t buy an electric car – and cost is the main barrier

A new survey from Go.Compare Car Insurance has found that cost is the main barrier stopping drivers from getting an electric vehicle. In light of the government’s 2030 and 2035 EV targets, the comparison site asked motorists whether they were planning on buying an EV in the next five years. Over half of the respondents (57.9%) stated they weren’t thinking of making the switch to electric any time soon. Out of those not looking to buy an EV, 55.8% placed cost as the top deterrent. Currently, the average price of an EV is around £50k, with the cheapest models averaging …


DVSA urges motorists to get trailer trained

DVSA is encouraging people to get trailer training from an accredited provider after a survey found over half have received no training, despite nearly 80% …

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Surge in senior drivers: UK sees record number of drivers over 70

According to figures, Britain has seen a record number of drivers over the age of 70, with around two million more than a decade ago. …

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These Areas Have The HIGHEST Pass Rate For MOTs

New research has shown the areas with the highest rate of first-time MOT passing in the UK, with some surprising results in the top ten. …

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A graphic to show the difference between having ESC on and off in a car

The Future of Driving: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are becoming increasingly common in modern cars. These systems use sensors and cameras to detect potential hazards on the road and alert drivers to take action. They can also take control of the car in certain situations, such as when the car is about to collide with another vehicle or object.

Driving test

Are ADIs to Blame for the Falling Pass Rates?

There is much debate about how the pass rates should be calculated in the first place. But at the moment, post-COVID, we seem to be in a stir-crazy situation where the ADI may be surreptitiously being blamed for the fall in pass rates.

Occupational driving

Does the PDI Entry Route Need an Update?

Howard Redwood wonders whether we should be enhancing the PDI entry route? This way we can strengthen industry integrity through comprehensive aptitude and character assessment for potential driving instructors.


Safeguarding: the importance within a Driving School

In this article, Neil Wightman explores the crucial subject of safeguarding. Although many people find it uncomfortable to talk about safeguarding, it is essential to know how to deal with potential safeguarding issues to protect vulnerable individuals from harm, abuse and neglect in today’s society. The article discusses the meaning of safeguarding, its importance in the workplace, and the various categories where safeguarding may become an issue.

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Driving test

Restrict licences or evolve pre-test training?

DIA CEO Carly Brookfield looks at the important subject of graduated licensing and the future plans to discuss this topic on the next episode of the DIA Motormouth.

Business advice

Good news from HMRC for small self-employed businesses

Driver Trainer’s resident chartered accountant, Kevin Halstead, discusses the Making Tax Digital and what that means for small self-employed businesses.

Driving test

When will the wait be over?

Driving test waiting times continue to frustrate learners and instructors. Kevin Martin asks when will the backlog clear? Long waiting lists cause challenges for education and work.

M1 four lane smart motorway in West Yorkshire
Smart Motorways

Smart decision

Success! Edmund King OBE shares news on how future smart motorway rollouts have been halted, focusing on reverting inside lanes to hard shoulders for safer roads.

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Latest Training


Driving Green: Mastering the Art of Eco-Friendly Driving

In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness are paramount, eco-friendly driving has become more than just a buzzword – it’s a responsible and essential practice for every driver, including those teaching others on the road.

Driving test

Reducing Wait Times for Driving Tests Across the UK

Over the past couple of months, the team at PassMeFast has been busy researching the state of the driver trainer industry, and Kevin Monk, PassMeFast CEO, is excited to share some of our findings with you.

Driver Training

The Importance of Attitudes and Behaviours in Driver Testing

Karen Bransgrove explores the importance of attitudes and behaviours in driver testing, and how Diamond Advanced Motorists is protecting passengers, staff, and the wider community by taking a zero-tolerance approach to abusive behaviour.

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Occupational driving

Are driving school franchises all they’re cracked up to be?

Tom Harrington weighs up the pros and cons of franchises from the perspective of the franchisee

Latest Reviews


The all-new Skoda Fabia is a competitor to the UK’s best selling cars

All-new Skoda Fabia has been brought up to date and now competes with in-house rivals like the VW Polo and big-sellers like the Fiesta on equal terms.


Can a hybrid version Fiat 500X keep up with the competition?

After several years on the market, the Fiat 500X is getting a hybrid version, but can it keep up with the competition?

Electric Car

The Tesla Model 3 is the game-changer for performance and tech

The Tesla Model 3 is nothing less than a game-changer, with range, performance and tech that set the benchmark for what an EV should be.

The new Jeep Avenger
Electric Car

Performance and range well up for the daily commute for the new Jeep Avenger

The first all-electric Jeep Avenger is a cracker, combining compact, city-friendly size and suitably tough looks for a competitive price

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