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Driver Trainer is the magazine of the DIA, the largest professional association in driver training. We have access to the right people – policy and lawmakers, regulators and government. We hear it first and we tell it like it is

Our articles cover a diverse range of subjects, including driver behaviour, learner and occupational driver training, legislation, the future of the industry, motoring technology and motorbike training


Q&A with a traffic officer

Highways England Traffic Officer Philip Price answers your questions, with additional contributions by the DIA’s Olivia Baldock-Ward


Future learning

Carly Brookfield explores the impact of COVID on road safety education and training in general


Handling complaints

Carly Brookfield discusses two malicious complaint cases and what to do to decrease the risk of this happening to you

DIA Academy

The home of learning and professional development for driver and rider trainers

Driving test

Put to the test

Liam Greaney continues his driving test series by looking at the driving test as a Highway Code exercise, a pressure test and a modern day rite of passage

Driving test

Fail factors

Dr James Whalen analyses the many factors which affect performance on the practical driving test

Driver Behaviour

Talking out loud

Kev and Tracey Field from Confident Drivers explore ways that speaking out loud to yourself could help nervous students


Entertainingly equipped

It’s not flawless, but the latest Hyundai i20 is the firm’s most competitive entrant into the supermini market yet


Looking sharp

The revised Renault Megane hatch tries to catch up with its rivals


Reliable reasonable Rio

The Kia Rio offers good value and practicality – a safe pair of hands in a talented supermini class


Cruising comfortably

The Ford Mondeo is more refined, spacious and high-tech than ever before, but rivals have leapt ahead in this class


Simply safe

New turbocharged engines give the stylish and safety-conscious Nissan Micra a much needed boost


Premium style

Subtle exterior changes and a tech-laden interior help the Audi A3 maintain its position as a premium family hatchback

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