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E-scooter sounds begin virtual reality testing

Dott, the responsible European micromobility company, is testing a selection of e-scooter sounds, developed by researchers at the University of Salford and in partnership with the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB). The first of its kind tests mark the next phase of a project which has so far resulted in the development of three potential sounds to increase awareness of vehicles without contributing to noise pollution. Wearing a virtual reality headset, participants will be immersed into a 360 degree environment, featuring simulations of e-scooter riders in different scenarios. Working with RNIB, a group of people, including blind and …


Cost of living crisis may see drivers skimp on vehicle upkeep

A third of motorists say they are likely or very likely to either delay or skip having their vehicle serviced in the next 12 months …

Driver Behaviour

Avoid a fine this Christmas: 5 things drivers do which are actually illegal

Drivers will be aware of the obvious things that could land you with a fine if you’re doing them whilst behind the wheel, for example,using …


Who and where in Great Britain has the most penalty points?

In Great Britain, you could be issued with penalty points on your driving licence for reasons such as speeding, driving without insurance and reckless driving. …

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Driver Behaviour

Managing the risks in sickness and in health

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A man hitching a tow
Occupational driving

Training to Tow

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Occupational driving

Time to make CPD mandatory?

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Driver Behaviour

Stop Learner Abuse

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Business advice

Fuelling the Pain

Edmund King OBE investigates the impact of the rise in fuel costs on those who drive for a living

Driver Training


Jim Milton discusses the client stories and dramas that trainers are expected to deal with

Driver Behaviour

Car Drivers Insurance Rip-off

Tom Harrington looks at the damming allegations of how insurance brokers were suspected of helping firms coordinate premium hikes, at the expense of drivers.

Driver Behaviour

Springing into action – from record fuel prices to helping Ukrainian refugees

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DIA Academy

The home of learning and professional development for driver and rider trainers

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Abstract image of a brain using Rubiks cubs pieces
Driver Behaviour

Mirror Neurons

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Lesson tips

Client-Centred Learning: Using Questions to Bring the Focus Back to the Learner

Despite the fact that Client Centred Learning (CCL) remains the focus of many training courses, it unfortunately continues to be a weak point for many Standards Checks.

Driver Behaviour

Trainers: are you really listening to your pupils?

Tom Harrington discusses what makes a good listener and how active listening helps you respond, interact, and communicate effectively

Driver Training

Feeling refreshed

Kev and Tracey Field from Confident Drivers focus on ideas that you can include in your refresher lessons to help drivers build their driving confidence and get back on the road quickly

Latest Reviews

Electric Car

Real substance behind quirky looks and a funny name

With real substance behind the quirky looks and funny name, the GWM ORA Funky Cat is a fresh new contender in the electric hatchback field

SUV Crossover

Citroën’s signature combination of comfort and practicality

Fresh styling, improved tech and Citroën’s signature combination of comfort and practicality strengthen the appeal of the Citroen C5 Aircross

Electric Car

BMW goes all-in with the first all-electric limo

BMW goes all-in with the first all-electric limo, the super luxurious BMW i7 showcasing the latest in the brand’s design, engineering and technology

Small Crossover

An attractive choice for company drivers

Plug-in hybrid option broadens the appeal for the BMW X2 xDrive25e Hybrid and will be an attractive choice for company drivers

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