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Electric car parking space

OBR slashes anticipated EV registrations in half amid affordability concerns

In the UK, the number of anticipated electric vehicle (EV) registrations has been cut in half by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR). The OBR said in its “Economic and Fiscal Outlook,” released in conjunction with the Autumn Statement, that it has nearly halved the number of EV registrations from 67% to 38% in 2027 and now anticipates EVs to make up 18% of sales in 2023, down from 25%. The OBR notes that the rapid sales increase of recent years, which was driven by early adopters who had typically high incomes, is anticipated to level off in the absence …

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Driver Behaviour

Fearful motorists claim that tailgating is the source of their anxiety

According to a recent Aviva study, the majority of drivers (79%) claim to feel frightened by other drivers when they are driving. The report, which ...
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DVSA issues vital reminder following the rollout of major MOT test change

Months after a huge MOT test change, the DVSA has issued an urgent reminder to all motorists. Starting in July, real-time data is used to ...
Young man polishing car in service

Insurance expert reveals most common reasons your car will fail its winter MOT

A new study reveals the most common reasons cars fail their MOT in the run up to the festive period – with lamps, reflectors and ...

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Angry man driving a car. Male driver gesturing and shouting behind the wheel of the car.
Driver Behaviour

Addressing Learner Abuse

Neil Wightman takes a deep dive into the issue of learner drivers being abused

Camera Shy?

Not taken the plunge and installed cameras in your training vehicles yet? There are many good reasons why you should!

5 techniques to make sure learners show up to their driving lesson

Do you get frustrated by some of your pupils either being late or not showing up at all? GoRoadie breaks down the key activities to help ...

3 Top Tips For Motorcycle Riding With a Passenger

Riding a motorcycle is fun. Some even think motorcycle riding with a passenger doubles the fun! But before you go and grab a mate for a ...

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Customer support service concept. Helpline operator consulting his colleague at call centre. Technical support agents talking to each other, solving client's inquiry at open space office
Business advice

Latest statistics reveal that HMRC telephone service deteriorates further

Keith Halstead looks at navigating HMRC helplines.
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Driver Training

In the driving seat

Edmund King OBE explores driving instruction as a late-career choice
Driving test

Mouthing off about industry issues

Carly Brookfield discusses the most recent episode of Motormouth where the panel considered graduated licences in the wake of recent media speculation that the government ...
Business advice

Capital allowances for driving instructors

Keith Halstead looks at how to maximise tax relief for driving instructors with capital allowances by claiming deductions on vehicles, computers, furniture, and more.
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An online centre of learning in the field of driver and rider education and training

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Driver Training

Speed Limits: Do We Understand Them?

In this article, Howard Redwood delves into the significance behind numbers, letters, and shapes on road signs, explaining regional identifiers, speed limits, and the strategic ...
Positive happy driver looking at her side mirror

Coaching for the post test environment

Coaching is an effective way to help people learn and develop new skills by providing a personalised, structured, and supportive approach to learning Neil Whightman ...
Driver Training

The benefits of being an ORDIT registered trainer

In this article, Kevin Field explores the significance of the ORDIT register and the advantages that driver trainers can gain by choosing to voluntarily register. ...
Occupational driving

Assessing the situation

Howard Redwood describes the different types of assessment forms used in fleet training and what you need to record

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Front of Toyota C-HR

Is a striking look enough for the Toyota C-HR?

Good looking and entertaining to drive, but is the new Toyota C-HR practical enough for family life?
Tesla Model 3 driving on the road
Electric Car

Is the new Tesla Model 3 still known as a game changer?

Sharper looks, fresh tech and a bit more range for the upgraded version of the all-conquering Tesla Model 3

Toyota Corolla remains a frugal and sensible choice

Now with an improved hybrid system and increased onboard tech Toyota’s British-built Corolla remains a frugal and sensible choice
Electric Car

The EL6 helps Nio spread its wings in Europe

Another new brand joins the electric SUV fray, the Nio EL6's signature battery-swapping tech helping it stand out from the crowd
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