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Close up of a road in very bad condition with big potholes full of dirty rain water pools.

Pothole crisis at record high – expert tips on how to successfully claim for pothole damage to your car

The state of the roads across the UK presents an undeniable crisis demanding urgent attention. The rise and severity of potholes have become both a concern and a danger to drivers nationwide. According to recent data from the RAC, nearly 8,000 breakdowns occurred in the first quarter of 2024 due to poor road conditions, marking a 53% increase compared to the previous quarter. This surge underscores the scale of the pothole epidemic in the UK, with roads steadily deteriorating across the country. Heritage Car Insurance found that Google searches for the term ‘pothole damage claim’ have increased by a staggering …

Close-up Of A Woman Traveling By Self Driving Modern Car

Self-driving cars to debut in the UK by 2026 under new AV Act

As early as 2026, self-driving cars may be seen on UK roads following the approval of the Automated Vehicles (AV) Act. The AV Act, which ...
Close Up Of Two Cars Damaged In Road Traffic Accident

Automotive experts reveal four must-have car features that can prevent the most common accidents

Automotive experts have revealed which safety features can help drivers prevent the UK’s most common car accidents. This comes as the Department of Transport has ...
Driving test

More than 34,000 learners travelled over 100 miles for a driving test last year

Learner drivers could travel a staggering 25 miles for a driving test by 2030, according to new data, as test centre locality and available test ...

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Close-up on the screen of a Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphone, as the user selects TikTok from the touchscreen.
Business advice

Driving Success with TikTok

Matt Rathbone highlights how instructors can take advantage of the popular social media for their business.
Young man cross the street at a crosswalk
Dangerous Driving

Contributory Negligence in Pedestrian Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs)

Tom Harrington looks into contributory negligence being prevalent in pedestrian road traffic accidents, impacting damages and costs, often difficult to predict accurately.
Tearing L plate against a sky holding a car key after passing driving test
Driving test

Top 10 UK driving test centres with the highest pass rate

The team at MoneyBarn share their results of research looking into the driving test centres with the highest pass rate.
Cars and lorries travelling in both directions between.
Driver Training

The 2022 Changes to the Highway Code – Should They Be Changed?

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Driving instructor explaining student how driving exam will be evaluated
Dangerous Driving

Driving Safely: A Proposal for Better Drivers

Kevan Chippindall-Higgin talks about retaining best practices and ensuring road safety through testing and renewal.
Man sitting at desk with laptop and notebook. Pen in hand.
Driving test

The increasing issue of cheating in driving theory tests

Edmund King talks about how reports of cheating in driving theory tests have tripled.
A man is holding a British pound sterling money bag over a group of people figurines.
Business advice

The Spring Budget

Keith Halstead highlights the Spring Budget talking about NIC cuts, ISA, tax changes, and profession regulation.
Damaged in heavy car accident vehicles after collision on city street crash site at night. Road safety and insurance concept.
Dangerous Driving

Road Safety Reckoning: The Myth of Driving Competence and Hidden Realities

Kevan Chippindall-Higgin mentions that despite progress, road safety measures still fall short, highlighting the need for improved oversight
DIA Academy Logo

An online centre of learning in the field of driver and rider education and training

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A teenage girl sitting behind the steering wheel of a car and listening to her mothers instructions as she drives.
Driver Training

Analyse this

We go through the process of hierarchical task analysis when preparing for teaching a particular driving skill.
A shallow focus closeup shot of a motorcycle handlebar during the sunset

Just Like Riding a Bike: Do You Need a Motorcycle Refresher Course?

Phoenix Motorcycle Training mention how a motorcycle refresher course helps regain skills and confidence on the road.
Girl biker on a sports motorcycle rides on the road

Trail Riding Motorcycle vs Road Motorcycle: Which is Better?

Phoenix Motorcycle Training talks about trail-riding motorcycles vs road motorcycles: exploring the differences in design, suspension, and riding experience.
Steampunk texture, background with mechanical parts, gear wheels Stylized of a steampunk mechanical, metal gears are engine, gearbox or rotor parts. Parts and parts of construction equipment
Driver Training

Mastering Friction: A Conceptual Approach to Driver Training

We outline how the understanding of friction will help drivers enhance their knowledge to help them make decisions on the road.

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Hyundai Tuscon
SUV Crossover

The Hyundai Tucson combines practicality with style and quality

Read all about the Hyundai Tucson, this latest generation of the popular mid-sized SUV combining practicality with a new-found sense of style and quality.
Peugeot E-3008 SUV
Electric Car

Will the Peugeot 3008 continue to be a success?

The all-new Peugeot 3008 is an electric reimagining of the popular 3008 small SUV. With its own unique style it makes an intriguing alternative to ...
Front view of GWM ORA 03
Electric Car

Introducing the Funky Cat’s new engine: GWM ORA 03

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Cover of the new Driving: the essential skills book
Resource Materials

Review: The Official DVSA Guide to Driving: the essential skills- 11th edition

Billy Lynch takes a look at the latest edition of a must-have book for any driver.
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