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New app that turns smartphones into dashcams may soon be able to detect speeding

A brand-new, free app that turns smartphones into dashcams may soon be sophisticated enough to catch other drivers speeding. Users can submit evidence of 21 different driving offences to the police on the free dashcamUK app. It can record infractions including running a red light, failing to signal, and texting while driving. Launching in May, The Times reports that the app may yet be developed with the ability to track speeding. The app has the potential to significantly increase reports of road crime because only about a quarter of the 33 million drivers in the country have dashcams, compared to …


Since April 2020, three million people have had their driving licences delayed

According to a report by MPs, three million people who have applied for a driver’s licence since April 2020 have encountered delays, costing some of …


Global car industry on the rise as it smashes earnings predictions by 7%

New research from the personal finance comparison site,, has found that the 50 biggest publicly traded car companies in the world have beaten the …


MOT a problem: Cars with the best MOT performance revealed

Across the nation, drivers have a unique bond with their cars. Whether it’s a reliable number to get you from A to B, a collector’s …

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Business advice

Building a Flourishing Franchise

In this article, Carly Brookfield explores the pros and cons, key considerations, and resources you’ll need to make your franchise successful

Business advice

Public Relations

In a rapidly changing industry, it’s essential to stand out and make a lasting impression on clients. With the rise of electric vehicles, now is the time to embrace new challenges and stay ahead of the curve. Howard Redwood shares his expertise on how to keep your business ahead of the game by keeping your skillset relevant and your team inspired.

Driver Behaviour

7 benefits of riding to work

Pheonix Motorcycle Training looks at motorcycle training and licence vs commuting by car or train.

A lorry gritting a road

Ready Salted

Howard Redwood explains the gritty reality of road salt and how it helps keep roads clear in winter

Latest Opinion

Business advice

Highlighting the need for personal responsibility

Jim Milton raises concerns about the lack of personal responsibility among some learners and the importance of ensuring they take their learning seriously to become safe drivers, after a pupil failed a test due to not reading the Highway Code.

Driving test

On your marks, get set…oh

Edmund King OBE discusses the driving test backlog in the UK and proposes solutions to manage learner expectations and help them plan.

Driver Training

Riding My Way To Training

Jim Milton discusses the transferable skills PDIs possess.

Business advice

Fuelling the Pain

Edmund King OBE investigates the impact of the rise in fuel costs on those who drive for a living

DIA Academy Logo

An online centre of learning in the field of driver and rider education and training

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Smile male driving instructor sitting parked in training car with a smart phone
Driver Training

When is a Driving Instructor a Professional Driving Instructor?

DIA’s Head of Training and Development Kevin Martin asks when is a driving instructor a professional driving instructor in this training.


Meet the foggers

It’s not just ice and snow that drivers face at this time of year – we look at how to deal with foggy conditions


Have we got the skills?

Neil Wightman takes a look at how to be the best version of yourself when it comes to being an instructor

Abstract image of a brain using Rubiks cubs pieces
Driver Behaviour

Mirror Neurons

How do our words and actions affect our pupils?

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Dacia Sandero

Cheap and cheerful in an entirely good way, the new Dacia Sandero builds on the previous version’s affordability with more tech, better looks and improved refinement


Toyota Corolla Hatchback

Now with an improved hybrid system and increased onboard tech the British-built Toyota Corolla remains a frugal and sensible choice


The hybrid-enhanced version of Subaru’s signature ‘boxer’ engine

The hybrid powered Subaru XV preaches to the converted but will appeal to fans of the brand’s no-nonsense country image


Hatches don’t come much hotter

Honda’s legendary Civic Type R hot hatch returns with a mature new look but even wilder driving manners

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