A new police initiative seeks to increase motorbike riders’ safety

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As part of a new national police-backed plan, motorbike riders of all ages and skill levels are being urged to brush up on and enhance their road safety with additional training.

The campaign, which involves a number of initiatives including raising awareness, encouraging additional training, and offering riding safety advice, was launched in reaction to recent statistics that reveal a disproportionate number of cyclists killed or seriously wounded on the road.

The scheme is a component of the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s (NPCC) new “Vulnerable Road Users Operation,” which incorporates police from across the country.

Sergeant Shaun Bridle, Regional BikeSafe Coordinator for the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership, said: “Whilst motorcycles make up approximately 3% of all traffic, in Warwickshire from 2018-2021, almost a quarter (22.88%) of people killed or seriously injured on our roads were bikers.

“This is really disproportionate to the number of motorcycles on the roads, and we are looking at everything we can do to help bring these numbers down.”

Additional ‘THINK BIKE’ signs on demanding roads that are popular with riders are one of the steps being taken to remind drivers to watch out for motorcycles and to encourage motorbike riders to take greater responsibility for their own safety by avoiding risks and honing their skills.

The scheme also highlights the availability of free online BikeSafe motorcycle skills training, regional BikeSafe courses where riders are observed by police riders to get individual feedback and the free, three-hour Biker Down courses that give riders an awareness of what to do if you are first at the scene of a motorcycle collision.

It also serves as a reminder that the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme, RoSPA, and IAM all offer post-test motorcycle training.

Also, Diamond Advanced Motoring is the leading global provider of driver and rider testing and training and sets the standard for professional driver education across the globe, and provides driver training and testing programmes designed to help organisations improve the safety and competence of their drivers and riders.

Increasing awareness of the government-sponsored Ridefree free online training course for riders prior to passing their mandatory basic training (CBT), attending student events to interact with young riders, and providing a variety of rider safety recommendations are other initiatives.

1 thought on “A new police initiative seeks to increase motorbike riders’ safety”

  1. Kevan Chippindall-Higgin

    I wonder how many of these casualties are L riders delivering food. In London yesterday I saw some seriously crazy riding.

    L riders should not be riding professionally. they should all have full licences, which would be a start in dealing with crazy pedal riders. The current 2 year validity for the CBT is fine, but if a full licence is not obtained in that time, there should be 6 month delay before re-taking the CBT.

    That would break the cycle of endless L riders. Also, the CBT needs top be over hauled. Too many centres are treating the CBT pass as part of the payment rather than achieving a acceptable standard.

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