Driver Trainer is the magazine of the professional driver and rider trainer

We’re the largest news resource for driver and rider trainers with an audience of over 15,000 professionals.

We report the news as it happens and our in-depth features reflect the wide-ranging role of the modern driver trainer.

Our experienced team of experts help shape the industry and keep you informed. They include driver and rider trainers, charities, government bodies, fleet trainers and more.

Driver Trainer is the magazine of the DIA, the largest professional association in driver training. We have access to the right people – policy and lawmakers, regulators and government. We hear it first and we tell it like it is

As the respected voice in the industry, we’re always pushing for higher standards of safety and professionalism.

Our articles cover a diverse range of subjects, including driver behaviour, learner and occupational driver training, legislation, the future of the industry, motoring technology and motorbike training

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