According to a survey, drivers turn off the heating in their vehicles to save on fuel

A new survey has found that 16% (one in six) of drivers turn off their car’s heating in order to save on fuel costs.

The poll of 2,000 funded by Vitality Car Insurance found that the most common way to reduce fuel usage is to drive slower than usual, with 55% of respondents using this approach.

Some ways of reducing fuel costs include keeping tires inflated to the correct pressure (51%), removing unnecessary items (29%) and keeping windows closed (22%).

Switching off a car’s heating to save fuel generates conflicting opinions.

It’s claimed that this works by the RAC, as it advises drivers to “dress for the weather even inside your car” if fuel efficiency is a big concern.

Andrew Webb, Vitality Car Insurance managing director, said: “Our research shows that Brits are prepared to do a wide range of things in order to save money, with some even going as far as turning off the heating in their car despite the cold snap.

“For those looking to save, reducing speed – where safe – is generally the most effective way to cut down on fuel consumption.

“By modifying your driving habits in order to save on fuel, in many cases you are actually being a safer driver.

“This could be used to reduce your car insurance premium.”

The survey was conducted by Opinium in October 2022.

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