Additional theory test provision in Glasgow

This will create a further 800 theory tests for both car and vocational candidates.

To support the Scottish Government’s apprentice scheme and the logistics industry, DVSA is increasing the number of theory tests available in Glasgow and surrounding areas.

From Monday 2 November 2020 the theory tests centres in Clydebank and Greenock will open on Mondays until the end of December 2020.

This will create an additional 800 theory tests for both car and vocational candidates.

Trainer bookers and the general public could book these tests from Friday 16 October 2020.

To further increase testing capacity, DVSA is working to set up a temporary site in the Glasgow area. More information about the site will follow in due course.

DVSA says it is seeing an unprecedented demand for theory tests in Scotland due to the backlog created by the initial lockdown as well new demand created from the Scottish Government apprenticeship scheme for the logistics industry. This involves trainees needing to get a vocational driving licence, and as such they need to pass a theory driving test.

DVSA said: “Theory test services were re-started in Scotland at 2m social distancing on 22 July and most sites are open at a reduced capacity. Scotland remains at 2m social distancing where as in England and Wales we have moved to 1m plus, which has given us more capacity to start dealing with the back-log as well as any new demand.

“In remote areas in Scotland, where possible we have replaced the Mobile Testing Vehicle (MTV) and found alternative venues to provide theory tests and have increased availability of appointments by extending opening/closing times with landlord agreement to help address any backlog of demand along with new demand for theory test services. However, in recent weeks we have found that hotels/venues are either not open or are closing due to the infection rate increasing in Scotland, adding further to the capacity issues.

“We are working actively with Pearson on a daily basis to monitor demand and explore ways in which we can further expand capacity in Scotland.”

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  1. Douglas Kerr

    Have a number of trainees trying to book a theory test in Edinburgh with no success. I’m being told thatthere is absolutely nothing coming up this year or next.

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