Additional theory test dates in Scotland

The Scottish government has announced that physical distancing rules are being relaxed from two metres to one metre on 19 July.

From 14 July more than 4,500 theory tests will be available to book on GOV.UK for tests from 19 July up to and including 3 September.

The additional test capacity has been made available following the Scottish Government’s announcement on 13 July that physical distancing rules in Scotland are being relaxed from two metres to one metre from 19 July in indoor public settings.

DVSA will be writing to all candidates with a theory test booking in Scotland to let them know about the additional test dates, to give them the opportunity to look for an earlier theory test date if they feel ready to take their test sooner.

As part of the ongoing changes to the theory test service the new theory test booking service will go live on 19 July. You and your pupils will be able to book a test for after 3 September on the new booking service.

The new booking service is available at the same web address as the current one.

If you want to change a theory test appointment from a date booked for before, or on 3 September, to a date on or after 6 September, you will need to cancel your current theory test on GOV.UK and rebook online using the new booking system. This is because the two booking systems are separate. Refunds will be issued for cancelled tests as normal.

Theory test bookings with additional support can only be cancelled or rescheduled by contacting the customer contact centre.

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