ADI tests update

ADI part 2 tests restarted in England on 22 July and will begin again in Wales today (17 August). The restart date in Scotland has yet to be announced.

In England and Wales DVSA has been prioritising part 2 tests and has rebooked most tests that were postponed due to COVID-19.

ADI part 3 tests restarted in England on 22 July. DVSA has started to contact PDIs with a part 3 test on hold to book an appointment.

The restart date for ADI part 3 tests in Wales is today (17 August). DVSA will start to contact PDIs in Wales with a test on hold to book a new date.

A date for Scotland is yet to be announced.

The restart date for ADI standards checks in England was 22 July. Soon DVSA will be contacting ADIs in England who have a standards check on hold, to book a new date.

DVSA will contact you as soon possible. Don’t contact the customer service centre as they won’t be able to book your test.

The restart date for standards checks tests in Wales is 27 August. A date for Scotland has yet to be announced.

To help keep instructors and examiners safe during tests DVSA has made some changes to the ADI part 3 test and standards check. These include:

  • You, your pupils, and examiners must all wear a face covering during ADI tests
  • You must clean and sanitise your car prior to arriving for test
  • Examiners will also take additional precautions and wipe all touch points down when entering the vehicle
  • A beginner or static lesson is not suitable

Changes for ORDIT trainers

ADI part 2 tests will start to be marked digitally as part of DVSA’s move to digitise services.

The content of the test and how it’s delivered will not change. You should continue to prepare your PDIs in the way you do now.

At the start of the test your candidates will be asked some additional questions. These are:

  • Did you receive training from an ORDIT trainer?
  • What is your trainer’s personal reference number?
  • Have you got your driver development training records?

You should ensure that your pupils know that you are on the ORDIT Register and that they have a record of your PRN. They should also bring to test the training records covering the driver development they have received.

Due to COVID-19, digital records would be preferable.

Your pupils will be asked if they would prefer their test summary by email or as a paper copy by post.

If they ask for an electronic version, the examiner will ask them to confirm the email address they want it sending to. The summary can only be sent to one email address.

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