Advertisers guide to bus advertising: UK businesses urged to utilise buses in these 10 areas

Advertisement on UK bus.

Out-of-home advertising inside and on buses is still an incredibly effective way to promote companies and products to engage with urban audiences on the move. Unlike digital ads online, bus adverts can’t be switched off and are likely to catch the eye of many people from different walks of life.

Offline marketing experts from Oppizi investigated the best areas of the UK to advertise using buses. By analysing data from the Department of Transport statistics, the experts gathered bus miles driven in each local authority in the UK per 100k of the population.

By ranking these numbers, the experts could determine which areas of the UK will likely have the most bus advert views from the general public, bus riders, and passers-by. Below are the top ten best locations in the UK to place a bus advert for your business:

  1. North West Leicestershire – 125 million bus miles per 100k
  2. Lancashire – 15.37 million bus miles per 100k
  3. Norfolk – 5.44 million bus miles per 100k
  4. Tyne and Wear – 3.48 million bus miles per 100k
  5. West Midlands – 3.26 million bus miles per 100k
  6. London – 3.25 million bus miles per 100k
  7. Brighton and Hove – 2.88 million bus miles per 100k
  8. Darlington – 2.8 million bus miles per 100k
  9. Nottingham – 2.71 million bus miles per 100k
  10. North East – 2.69 million bus miles per 100k

North West Leicestershire is the best area of the UK to advertise your business outside of the home, on buses. There were 125 million miles driven by buses in North West Leicestershire per 100k of the population from 2021 to 2022. In comparison, London has 38 times fewer bus miles; this is quite astounding as 2.2 billion bus trips are made on London buses each year.

Lancashire is the second-best area to target bus riders with advertisements for your business, as 15.37 million bus miles are driven per 100k. Blackpool, Blackburn, Preston, and Burnley are just a few of the urban areas contributing to the massive amount of bus miles driven last year. Despite ranking second in this study, Lancashire bus miles per 100k are eight times less than North West Leicestershire.

Norfolk is the third best area in the UK to advertise your business on buses. 5.44 million bus miles were travelled per 100k of Norfolk’s population last year. Bus services in Norwich, Great Yarmouth, and Kings Lynn contribute to Norfolk’s great bus advertising potential.

Tyne and Wear takes fourth place with 3.84 million bus miles driven per 100k of the population in 2021/22. Sunderland, Newcastle, and Gateshead contribute many bus miles to the total.

West Midlands is the fifth best area to target bus riders with your business adverts, with 3.26 million bus miles driven per 100k of the population. Birmingham, Coventry, and Solihull significantly contribute to the bus miles driven and its bus advertising potential.

The ten worst places to advertise on buses in the UK

  1. Rutland – 0.05 million bus miles per 100k
  2. West Berkshire – 0.54 million bus miles per 100k
  3. Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead – 0.6 million bus miles per 100k
  4. Wokingham – 0.66 million bus miles per 100k
  5. Slough – 0.7 million bus miles per 100k
  6. Surrey – 0.75 million bus miles per 100k
  7. Cheshire East – 0.78 million bus miles per 100k
  8. Somerset – 0.8 million bus miles per 100k
  9. Bracknell Forest – 0.84 million bus miles per 100k
  10. Worcestershire – 0.86 million bus miles per 100k

A spokesperson from Oppizi commented on the study:

“Tapping into bus riders and passers-by outside of the home is a great way to gain an audience for company advertisements. Buses provide a rather effective means of conveying a message as they are always on the move and are often bright and eye-catching. Buses are often on a consistent route, so they will likely catch the eye of those travelling on their daily commute.

“Unlike digital ads found online, bus ads will catch the eyes of a vast variety of people. This is an excellent tool for your business as the untapped markets, such as older age groups and those who are tech-averse are likely to see your business advert; this would ideally lead to more customers for your business!

Adverts on a bus can be located in the interior, sides, rear, or even full wraps. This data may be valuable to companies wishing to expand their out-of-home advertising strategies as they can target UK areas with the highest chance of views.”

Vehicle miles on local bus services by local authority (commercial and local authority support buses) England, from 2021/22

Local Authority2021/22Bus miles driven per 100k population (millions)Population
North West Leicestershire127.7125.00102,126
Tyne and Wear39.53.481,136,000
West Midlands95.43.262,928,000
Brighton and Hove8.42.88290,395
North East71.62.692,657,000
Bath and North East Somerset4.82.50192,106
Merseyside ITA34.32.411,423,000
Kingston upon Hull6.22.36261,149
Isle of Wight3.22.23141,606
West Midlands ITA65.12.222,928,000
South Yorkshire ITA30.12.141,405,000
West Yorkshire ITA46.31.992,325,000
Redcar and Cleveland2.71.97136,718
Yorkshire and the Humber103.31.885,486,000
Greater Manchester ITA51.01.812,822,000
North Somerset3.81.78213,919
Milton Keynes4.81.68288,201
South West England93.61.675,616,000
Borough of Halton2.21.57141,100
South Gloucestershire4.41.54282,644
East Midlands72.31.504,811,000
Blackburn with Darwen2.11.38148,753
Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole7.01.37514,000
South East England124.21.359,175,000
East of England82.71.336,235,000
East Sussex7.41.32558,626
Cheshire West and Chester4.41.30339,824
North East Lincolnshire2.11.30159,821
West Sussex10.61.23858,852
East Riding of Yorkshire4.21.22342,200
Telford and Wrekin2.11.20177,450

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