Almost half of car owners cleaning their cars more since COVID-19

Over two-thirds clean their car themselves.

Since the pandemic, almost half of UK car owners are cleaning their cars more carefully. 

Asda Money surveyed 2,000 UK car owners and found that young drivers (17-24 year olds) are more concerned about this, with two thirds (66%) of them making sure they clean their car more thoroughly due to COVID-19.

Over two thirds of the UK clean their cars themselves, whilst over a quarter (26%) pay a professional to clean their cars.

Manchester topped the table owning the cleanest cars, with almost a quarter (24%) of Mancunians cleaning their cars once a week. Porsche owners are the cleanest drivers, with two thirds (67%) making sure they do the same.

This new research also revealed that of those people cleaning their cars in the UK, almost half (46%) are spending up to an hour on this activity. 

The research also revealed differences in car brand owners, for example 83% of Ford owners are not concerned about COVID and haven’t changed their car cleaning routine. However, almost half (48%) of Audi owners are cleaning their car more often since the virus outbreak.

A fifth of the UK pays a professional to clean their car to make sure it’s done properly. The data shows that men spend more than women on getting their car cleaned, with 41% of men spending up to £20 per month, as opposed to 33% of women.

25-34 year olds spend big when it comes to cleanliness, with 20% of them spending up to £40 per month on cleaning. And 1 in 10 Mercedes owners admitted spending up to £50 per month to keep their car in top condition.

The research also showed that:

  • 37% of the UK only clean their car when they have time
  • 26% wait until their car is really dirty before cleaning it
  • 19% feel they need to have their car clean and tidy at all times
  • 16% would pay extra for good quality cleaning products
  • 10% don’t really care how dirty their car is

Alistair Ball, head of insurance at Asda Money, said: “The pandemic has impacted us all in so many ways. Our way of life has been altered in order to stop the spread of the virus, and maintaining a high level of cleanliness is encouraged to help do this. We were interested to see whether people have carried this through to their cars, and if their car cleaning routine has been altered at all due to COVID-19.”

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