Ban on new petrol and diesel cars from 2030

Boris Johnson announced his 10-point net zero plan to combat climate change.

New petrol and diesel cars and vans will not be sold in the UK from 2030.

Some hybrids will still be allowed. The ban had been planned for 2040 but has been brought forward.

Boris Johnson announced this target as part of a “green industrial revolution” to tackle climate change. It is part of his £12bn 10-point net zero plan. 

Part of the funding will be used to accelerate the roll-out of charge points for electric vehicles in homes, streets and on motorways across England, while £582m will help people afford zero or ultra-low emission vehicles. Nearly £500m is to be spent in the next four years on the development and mass production of electric vehicle batteries.

Other points in the plan include increasing offshore wind power, protecting and restoring the natural environment and making cycling and walking more attractive and investing in zero-emission public transport.

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