BMW unveils ConnectedRide Smartglasses for motorcycle riders

New glasses for motorbike from BMW

BMW has unveiled its ConnectedRide Smartglasses, which bring navigation and GPS data into the user’s field of vision.

It still seems we’re far off from AR headsets being available for everyday use, as we still wait for them to become a convenient form. Smartglasses that project simple data into the field of view are a reasonable compromise.

Optics module for data projection

BMW presented its ConnectedRide Smartglasses at the BMW Motorrad Days in Berlin last week. The glasses can be adapted to different helmets and face shapes and display navigation data, speed, and current gear in the rider’s field of vision.

The headset offers a reduced mode for navigation as well as detailed street names, intersections, and exact directions. Data is projected onto the right lens via an optical module, while GPS data comes from the smartphone.

The BMW Smartglasses are connected to the smartphone and the BMW Motorrad Connected app via Bluetooth. The settings and the position of data in the field of view can be adjusted while riding using the multi-controller on the motorcycle’s handlebars. 

BMW ConnectedRide Smartglasses: RX adapter and price

An RX adapter for prescription lenses is available, but only in the range between +4.5 and -4.5 diopters. The Smartglasses come in two sizes for different pupil distances: Size M is designed for a pupil distance of 53 to 67mm, and size L supports 59 to 73mm. Tinted lenses are also available.

The battery life of the glasses is up to ten hours. The price is around €690 (£391 at the time of writing). The release date of the glasses is not yet known.

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