Brand new DIA webinar: Navigating DVSA Complaints and Investigations

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As a dedicated Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) or rider trainer, the prospect of facing a DVSA complaints procedure or tribunal can be daunting. To equip trainers with the necessary knowledge and preparation, DIA CEO Carly Brookfield will host a new webinar detailing the DVSA complaints and investigations processes.

Why Attend?

Invaluable Insights into DVSA Procedures

Understanding the complexities of the DVSA complaints and investigations process is crucial. Carly Brookfield will provide an in-depth exploration of these procedures, helping trainers navigate any unforeseen circumstances.

Expert Guidance on Appeals

Raising an appeal effectively is vital for retaining your training licence and safeguarding your livelihood. Attendees will learn directly from an expert about the most effective appeal strategies.

Support During Tribunals

The webinar will highlight the robust support system the DIA offers its members during tribunals. This support provides peace of mind, knowing experienced professionals will assist you during these challenging times.

Real-Life Cases

Carly will share real-life cases she has worked on, illustrating common pitfalls and how to avoid them. These practical examples will provide valuable lessons for trainers.

Event Details

Join the DIA on July 11 for this essential webinar. Book your place now to gain critical insights and prepare yourself for any regulatory challenges that may arise.

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