Britons keen to restart driving lessons

In the past seven days, there’s been an increase in online searches to find out when driving lessons can restart, according to new research from Bill Plant Driving School.

Online searches for ‘driving lessons for key workers’ has seen a +3,750% increase.

The term ‘coronavirus driving lessons’ has also seen a +1,650% increase online in the past 90 days as Britons try to find a way to continue with their lessons during lockdown.

Bill Plant Driving School analysed key driving-related search terms through Google Trends in the days/weeks leading up to Tuesday 26 May 2020.

‘When are driving lessons back on?’ (+300%) and ‘When can driving lessons restart?’ (+140%) have both seen an increase in online searches across the past seven days.

‘Coronavirus driving lessons’ (+1,650%) and ‘are driving lessons allowed?’ (+450%) have also seen searches increase in the past 90 days.

The biggest spike of all however, was in relation to key workers; with Google noticing a +3,750% increase in online searches over the past 30 days for the term ‘driving lessons for key workers.’

Peter Brabin, head of training for Bill Plant Driving School, said:

 “Some of these search terms are big; no doubt in part down to the fact these search terms wouldn’t have been entered into Google prior to lockdown, but there clearly is a want and need for the industry to start back up.

“There will be many sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for news on when driving lessons and tests can resume – most likely due to the UK government making announcements to further ease lockdown restrictions in the next month.

“We’ve seen an increase in Britons enquiring about driving lessons throughout the whole of lockdown, especially over the past few weeks – and with Britain seemingly getting back on its feet, it’s only a matter of time before the Prime Minister allows more industries to return to work.”

2 thoughts on “Britons keen to restart driving lessons”

  1. Denise Kingsley

    As social distancing is a key factor in not catching Covid-19, and there is less than 12 inches between student and trainer, you have to wonder how intelligent these keen individuals are who want to learn to drive!

  2. I think the teaching and testing of key workers to drive is a dangerous decision in itself.
    1. Enclosed space
    2.lack of social distance
    3.illegal under the social distancing rules currently in progress. rule for one and another rule for others.
    DVSA have made the above decisions based on what? The cost of continual spreading
    Of the disease and ultimately more deaths? Hopefully the person who decides on what views are published doesn’t have a rubber spine
    Many thanks
    Ian Rhodes ADI

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