Cars may be devalued by up to 20% without regular servicing

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Up to a third of drivers admit that they delay or skip servicing their car to pinch a few pennies – however, this could have the opposite effect on their bank balance.

Cars that are missing a service history or have not been for their regular service may have their value negatively affected by up to 20%. To preserve a car’s value, it should be serviced once a year or roughly every 12,000 miles you rack up.

Insurance broker One Sure Insurance is sharing four reasons why motorists should service their cars regularly to raise awareness about both the financial advantages and safety aspects that a simple service can enhance.

1. You’ll be safer on the road

Regular car servicing ensures that your car will stay in safe working order. It might seem like an extra expense to service your car regularly, but it’s best to pay with your wallet than your life. Checking the bare necessities such as brakes, tyres, and lights is essential to keeping you and other motorists safe on the road. A well-maintained vehicle is usually less prone to accidents and can reduce the likelihood of costly insurance claims. What’s more, it’ll not only protect you, it will also help protect that no-claims bonus.

2. You’ll be less likely to break down

Addressing potential issues during a routine service may reduce the likelihood of a roadside breakdown. While it’s always advisable to have some breakdown cover in your policy, just in case, going the extra mile of routinely servicing your car will help you keep it in working order. Think of it as a preventative approach to keeping your car in top condition rather than waiting for the worst.

3. Your car will keep its value

When it’s time to say goodbye to your car, you may want to make some extra cash by selling it to another driver. Potential buyers are more likely to trust a vehicle with a well-maintained history. A documented history of regular car servicing can help maintain – and even increase – the resale value of your vehicle.

4. Your car will last longer

Cars that receive regular servicing tend to have a longer lifespan. Regular servicing can identify minor issues before they become major problems. Addressing wear and tear, replacing worn-out parts, and maintaining fluid levels will help ensure you can enjoy driving your car for years to come.

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