Changes to driving licences and motorcycle tests – your views needed

Your views are needed for the Department for Transport's consultation.

The Department for Transport’s consultation to get your views about changes to the laws on driving licence acquisition and the motorcycle riding test will end on 23 March 2021. 

The consultations asks for your views on things like:

  • Allowing candidates who pass their test in an automatic transmission vehicle to drive a manual vehicle (if they already hold a manual entitlement in another licence category)
  • Reducing the engine size of bikes that can be brought to an A2 motorcycle test

Find out more and give your views.

9 thoughts on “Changes to driving licences and motorcycle tests – your views needed”

  1. In my opion the auto pass should stay as auto, NOT to drive a manule, its not safe two allow this, not being a biker, and not upto date on bike sizes i can only say leave it as it is,

  2. Leave as is for both car and motorcycle Licences as a car and former motorcycle trainer the law and training are sufficient.


    Definitely leave it as it is. In my experience as a driving instructor people who have an automatic license are really dangerous when they try to drive a manual vehicle!!!

  4. C Christoforou

    Why change something that’s been working really well for years. It would cause a lot of confusion for majority of people who currently drive auto to start using a clutch and gears.

  5. As an advanced motorcycle examiner, my honest opinion is if a candidate passes on an automatic, they then following that repeat the module one “off road” element to show competence and skill with a geared machine irrespective of the engine size and capacity! Obviously in line with what their entitlement is already.

  6. Paul Binfield

    Thinking ahead, not just a couple of years at a time……hybrids and electric are auto so isn’t it pertinent to think about a complete overhaul of the licence categories.
    Manual is soon to become a thing of the past.

  7. I would leave it as it is. The current system works well. If a person wants to drive a manual vehicle, then take the test in one in the first place.

  8. I think people are missing the point here. Some people want to take a test on an automatic because they see that as an easier route to passing their test. They are not competent on a geared vehicle and haven’t yet got the skills for a geared if you let them take their test on an automatic and then they go out and ride a geared vehicle it will be like going back to the old days where people will be riding round and potentially be a danger to themselves and others. From my experience, novices, can pick up the skills to ride an automatic a lot quicker but a geared vehicle takes a lot more time and practice to pick up the muscle memory required to become competent enough to be allowed on the road. Indeed some people never can never master a geared motorcycle, so an automatic is their only option but shouldn’t be tempted to get a geared bike just because they have passed a test on an automatic that entitles them to ride anything.

  9. As arriving instructor myself I see and hear about lots of people giving up on manual lessons because they can’t quite get the hang of clutch and gears so auto is the way forward for these people . But to give them the right to drive a manual after passing in a auto is just plain crazy, they’d be a danger to everyone and them selves.

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