Counterfeit motorbike CBT certificates are a becoming a problem in the UK

Bennetts, the top motorbike insurance broker in the UK, has become aware of a surge in fake motorcycle Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificates through its community channels.

Authorities in the UK have taken action as a result of these false documents frequently ending up in the hands of novice or inexperienced motorcyclists.

According to the report, several riders attempted to pass off bogus documents as authentic ones. Additionally, roadside inspections allowed authorities to learn about this.

For new riders, a CBT functions as a provisional license and is similar to a learner’s permit. This certificate confirms that you are a motorcycle rider who possesses the minimum skill level necessary to operate a motorcycle safely.

The CBT certification course includes a variety of activities, such as eye exams, a motorbike walkaround, and fundamental instruction in riding and basic maintenance.

Classroom sessions are also a part of the CBT course.

As per Bennetts, the typical cost of the CBT course for a driver ranges from £100 to £150, depending on the school.

Depending on whether the rider requires or wants further training, the tuition price may increase.

The majority of riders complete the syllabus in a single day, but some may require additional time to finish the program and receive their certification.

The forged CBTs appear to be coming from online sources or from riders who want to give them to the police or the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Along with posing a safety danger to the rider and other road users, these fake documents are also costing riders some money. In addition, scammers ask the new rider for information, opening the possibility for information phishing.

Scams appear to be connected to Google-listed websites as well as social media platforms like Facebook.

The scam and the fake documents that are being circulated are known to the DVSA and the police.

A committed team is working on the problem and trying to defraud the system.

When visiting one of the sites that Bennetts mentioned, it is found that it was a hot mess of bad grammar and bad promises. The website sells false documents and licenses for several nations, including the UK.

2 thoughts on “Counterfeit motorbike CBT certificates are a becoming a problem in the UK”

  1. Policing Through

    Given that many CBT providers pass everyone, regardless of ability, why take the risk of obtaining counterfeit paperwork?

    Like so much else, the CBT is a really good idea very badly executed. Poor training and the fact that people can ride professionally on a CBT are but two drawbacks. If someone is riding professionally, they should have a full licence, even if only for a moped. The CBT can be renewed every two years ad infinitum. If lapsed, there should be a 6 month wait before having another go. This will make people get the full licence and clear the roads of stupid drivers, generally young males and food delivery riders.

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