DIA launches key worker register

The DIA has developed a key worker register for driver and rider trainers to verify their key workers.

The register is voluntary and trainers have no obligation to join. The registration process provides specialist training and certification in delivering driver and rider training in the context of COVID-19 to help driver and rider trainers on the road.

The service is free, though those that sign up can pay a £5 voluntary donation in lieu of a fee for the training materials and certification if they wish. This £5 will go to NHS Charities Together.

We’ve put this together in collaboration with our colleagues in NASP, as well as DVSA and DfT.

How does it work?

The register is a verification process to help driver and rider trainers who are conducting training for key workers. Driver and rider trainers can use this register to input their details and upload validation of their key worker pupils.

In order to complete the process, the driver or rider trainer will have to complete an online course incorporating safe training protocols, as well as a theory test.

Trainers will have to register each key worker pupil to establish a record which can be checked if stopped by police or questioned by a member of the public. 

Once the process has been completed, the trainer will be issued with a key worker driver certificate with a unique ID number which can be checked if any issues arise. This certificate will last for three months initially.

Driving tests have been suspended for up to three months, except in the case of critical workers. The register has been established in order to ensure these vital members of our community can receive training safely and without interference.

Carly Brookfield, DIA CEO, said: “There’s a very real need to limit in-vehicle training at this time to mitigate the risks of COVID-19. Equally, there’s a need to properly train and test critical workers we need to mobilise in key roles, particularly so we don’t unintentionally create another public health risk in terms of rushing inadequately trained drivers and riders into highly pressured occupational driving roles. 

“This is why we’ve created this registration process. We hope it will enable those genuinely training key workers to work in the safest way they can, under the circumstances.

“Applicants must provide evidence that those they are training are key workers that need to ride or drive for work at this time. 

“Registrants also have to complete an online workshop and assessment on safe training protocols to ensure they are aware of the steps they must take to lessen any training risks. Additionally we have also created resources for the driver or rider, to educate them about occupational driving risks and how to best manage these.”

Visit driving.org/verify to find out more.

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  1. Guys, you need to fix your link on the Facebook Page.
    At the time of writing this, there’s a . at the very end of the /verify that is returning a 404.
    Also, the registration link takes you to the ‘join the DIA’ page. What if all you want to do is join the register, not the DIA.
    Please advise!

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