Drivers miss out on up to £2.3m of savings by not renewing licences online

Drivers miss out on up to £2.3m of savings by not renewing licences online

New official figures reveal that British drivers missed out on £2.3million savings between April 2020 and March 2021 by not renewing their driving licences online. 

Around 23 per cent of the two million photocard licence renewal applications made to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in the 11-month period were sent from a post box or post office, rather than submitted online, which is the quicker and cheaper option.

It costs £14 to renew your licence using the website, with the new photocard arriving within five days. Meanwhile, applying via post costs £17 and the delivery of the new licence takes longer. 

The online service also brings the added benefit of being able to track your application’s progress on the website.

The DVSA provides a reminder when drivers need to renew their photocard licence, which is every 10 years.

The DVLA also warns drivers to only use the website to access its services. Third party websites posing as official ones exist and will charge additional fees for services that are normally free or cost significantly less.

Chief executive of the DVLA, Julie Lennard, said: “Our online services are the quickest and easiest way to deal with DVLA, and customers usually receive their driving and vehicle documents in just five days.

“Remember to always use when using DVLA’s online services. To renew online or find out more about renewing a licence, visit”

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  1. Since it’s not possible to use the new uk passport when renewing the driving licence due to it having no signature there is no other option but to send by post and wait for months

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