Driving Instructors wanted for the Cycle Savvy project

Driving Instructors wanted for the Cycle Savvy project

Shape the future of driver instruction and improve safety for learners and cyclists.

Cycle Savvy is a new educational initiative, funded by the Department for Transport, designed to improve understanding and cooperation between drivers and cyclists.

Driving Instructors are wanted to take part in this exciting project and help make our roads safer for everyone. As a participant, you’ll be assigned to a control or treatment group, with both groups given free online training at different points of the study. Some will also be offered free practical training on the road, too.

This training is the perfect opportunity to shape the future of the driving instructor industry, and gain valuable additional training to help you stand out from your competition.

When you sign up, you’ll also be automatically entered into a prize draw for five £100 Amazon vouchers.

Get involved.

Visit www.cyclesavvydriving.co.uk to sign up today.

This project is delivered by the Bikeability Trust with support from the AA, DIA, DVSA, MSA GB and ADINJC.

2 thoughts on “Driving Instructors wanted for the Cycle Savvy project”

  1. Mark Clements

    It would be helpful if an lgv/pcv instructor other ADI could login into eg cyclesavvy to be able to offer an alternative insight to these discussions

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