Driving lessons, theory tests and driving tests to restart in England

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has announced that learners can resume driving lessons and motorcycle training in England from Saturday 4 July 2020.

The rule applies to all types of driver and motorcycle training in England, including private practice with someone you live with or in your support bubble.

Theory tests will restart in England on Saturday 4 July. The tests will take place with social distancing measures in place to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Car driving tests will restart in England on Wednesday 22 July, which will give learner drivers time to have refresher lessons and practice before taking their test.

Driving lessons, theory tests and driving tests are still suspended in Scotland and Wales, in line with guidance from the devolved administrations. There are different dates for Northern Ireland.

DVSA will make further announcements on the resumption of testing, training and lessons, including publishing information on how services will be restarted safely, shortly.

When services restart depends on the vehicle.


Driving lessonsSaturday 4 July 2020
Theory testsSaturday 4 July 2020
Driving testsWednesday 22 July 2020

Motorcycle and moped

Motorcycle and moped compulsory basic training (CBT)Saturday 4 July 2020
Motorcycle direct access scheme (DAS) trainingSaturday 4 July 2020
Theory testsSaturday 4 July 2020
Motorcycle and moped module 1 and module 2 testsMonday 13 July 2020

Lorry, bus and coach

Driver trainingSaturday 4 July 2020
Theory testsSaturday 4 July 2020
Driving testsMonday 13 July 2020

Car and trailer

Driver trainingSaturday 4 July 2020
Driving testsMonday 13 July 2020

Tractor and specialist vehicle

Driver trainingSaturday 4 July 2020
Driving testsMonday 6 July 2020

Approved driving instructor (ADI)

Driving instructor trainingSaturday 4 July 2020
ADI part 1 test (theory)Saturday 4 July 2020
ADI part 2 test (driving ability)Wednesday 22 July 2020
ADI part 3 test (instructional ability)To be confirmed
ADI standards checkTo be confirmed

Motorcycle trainer

DVSA enhanced rider scheme trainer theory testSaturday 4 July 2020

Grant Shapps, transport secretary, said: “Driving lessons and tests are vital in helping people get to work and visit loved ones, and provide the skills for a lifetime of safe driving.

“As the country recovers from COVID-19 we can now open-up our services to help get the country moving again and I am very pleased to announce the restart of driving tests and lessons in a COVID-secure way.”

Gareth Llewellyn, DVSA chief executive, said: “It has been vital that lessons and tests only resume when safe to do so and in line with the government’s advice.

“We know this has been a tough time for the whole country including learners and driving instructors but I am pleased to announce the restart of lessons and tests in England.

“Tests for critical workers have continued during the lockdown and I would like to thank all those instructors and examiners who have continued to work to help deliver tests for those who have done so much to help us during this terrible pandemic.”

17 thoughts on “Driving lessons, theory tests and driving tests to restart in England”

  1. The Government has set the rule that you MUST give at least 1m+.
    70-80mm is the separation distance in a fiesta. Why are we being put at risk of getting the virus and how do we justify to pupils. Don’t we count?

  2. I’m very confused because the prime minister said we now have to keep a distance of I metre plus but the distance between persons head in driver and passenger seats is notably less than 1 metre

  3. As a 70 year old ADI, I’m a bit nervous of starting work again too soon. Given the way people are ignoring advice about social distancing etc., it will be interesting to see if there is a big ‘second wave’ of infections in the next week or two. Maybe safer to wait until September?

  4. Sarah Edwards

    For me the July 4th date just plucked out of the air with very little notice or recognition that social distancing just cannot be achieved in a car. Somehow the soon -to -be – updated 1 metre plus rule ignored too.
    The situation remains serious and no instructor can mitigate 100% .

  5. This is a dangerous situation. As I asked at the last webinar, “how do we teach when the distancing is still 2m or 1m+ with mitigation”. My answer was “you can’t except for LGV”. Financially we all need to get back to work, I’m lucky, I don’t, but it leaves us extremely vulnerable and being diabetic, it is just looking forward to a bad outcome and death!! I hope the government are ready for claims against them, as they are placing us in danger due to their ineptitude.

  6. Sarah Edwards

    For me the July 4th date felt plucked out of the air with very little notice or recognition that social distancing just cannot be achieved in a car. Somehow , the soon -to -be – updated 1 metre plus rule has been ignored too.
    The situation remains serious especially for a moderately shielding ADI.

  7. Philip blight

    Can some one tell me how lessons are not going on from the 4th of July in wales it has to be safe in wales and Scotland I live in wales are there are a lot of instructors who I know and are running out of money and are under massive pressure I think it is ridiculous so I hope something can be sorted ASAP

  8. Terence Thomas

    I have one major concern regarding restarting driving lessons in cars. Unlike solo motorcycle and HGV’s. I cannot see how we are going to keep social distancing in a small car.

    Current Government guidance is wherever possible to keep 2m apart if that cannot be accomplished then 1m is the minimum distance as of 4th July.

    I have not seen or heard any guidance on how we as driving Instructors are supposed to maintain this social distancing and if not what measures we are supposed to take, to prevent the spread of this horrible virus.

    My concern is my safety as I do not know what measures my pupils are taking to protect themselves if any? As it’s not practical for me to check on them 25/7. Also cross contamination between multiple pupils, with this in mind are we expected to deep cleans our cars and how often are we expected todo that?

    Are we expected to supply PPE during lessons?

    There are a lot of areas of concern which in my opinion has not been addressed yet.

    I would appreciate any guidance on these matters.

    Terry Thomas

  9. During lockdown when I took pupils to test I was asked to wait outside the test centre while the test took place. Will this still be the case from 4th July. If so where do we instructors go during bad weather?

  10. Hardial Matharu

    Dear Carly and all the DIA Team,
    First of all THANK YOU for attending meetings, putting weninars and all the presentations together. One group of ADI’s that have been missed in the return date notifications is those preparing for ORDIT. I know that SC and Part 3 start dates are yet to be confirmed, what about ORDIT inspection re-start dates? Has this been given any consideration?
    Kind regards,
    Hardial Matharu.
    A-Star Driving Academy Dudley.
    07505 624 880.

  11. How can Gareth Llewellyn, say normal car lessons and tests will resume only when it is safe to do so and then announce with the Government that lessons can resume on 4th July and tests on the 22nd. Unless I am wrong social distancing has not been eased to less than 1/2 metre.
    Lessons are conducted in a closed environment (albeit you can ventilate to a small degree with the windows open a little bit), clearly then driving lessons cannot resume as it is not safe to do so. It would be hypocritical of the chief executive to allow this to happen. It is not a fault to make a mistake and admit to it, it would show the strength and character of a good leader.

  12. Leslie sargeant

    I’ve tried wearing a face mask but in the heat it made me feel ill. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable or possibly pass out while trying to conduct a lesson. Can I teach without wearing a mask ?

  13. Driver trainers are instrumental in imparting essential skills and knowledge to new drivers, ensuring they understand traffic laws and safety protocols. By teaching defensive driving techniques and proper vehicle operation, they equip drivers to navigate roads confidently and responsibly, contributing to overall road safety and reducing the risk of accidents.

  14. Driver trainers can be relevant to schools by offering driver education programs to students, teaching them essential skills for safe driving. These programs may be incorporated into the school curriculum or offered as extracurricular activities, helping students become responsible drivers and promoting road safety within the school community.

  15. A relevant driver’s license is appropriate and valid for the specific type of vehicle or driving activity being undertaken. It demonstrates that the holder has met the requirements and qualifications to operate a motor vehicle legally within a particular jurisdiction. Having a relevant driver’s license ensures compliance with local regulations and promotes safe driving practices.

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