Driving test availability

More than 210,000 driving tests were put on hold. So far DVSA has invited more than 146,000 people to choose a new appointment. 

The agency says it might take a few more weeks for your pupil to get their email, depending on when their test was originally scheduled. It will let everyone know when it finishes the process.

DVSA has said its customer service centre cannot tell your pupils when they’ll get their email so asks that you encourage them not to call. Between 20 and 31 July, DVSA received an average of 28,863 calls per day – with a peak of 45,686. At the same time last year, DVSA averaged 3,403 calls per day.

DVSA has opened 290 out of 307 driving centres in England. 

This is up from 274 at the end of July.

30 out of 35 test centres in Wales are due to open on 17 August. Test centres in Scotland remain closed, except for motorcycle tests and critical workers.

The remaining test centres will be reopened when they have carried out health and safety checks, PPE distribution checks and water checks.

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