Driving test booking service closes until 1 September

DVSA says the driving test booking service is unavailable until 8am on Tuesday 1 September. This is due to the fact that all available test slots were filled on Wednesday 26 August. 

The driving test booking service reopened on Wednesday following unprecedented demand that meant the service had to be taken offline for essential maintenance.

Only a limited number of driving test appointments were available during the next six weeks when the service reopened. This was because:

  • People who had a test cancelled because of coronavirus were given priority to book a test within this time
  • Social distancing measures are limiting the number of tests DVSA can carry out
  • Some key worker tests are still being carried out as a priority

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6 thoughts on “Driving test booking service closes until 1 September”

  1. Oh lord. Dvsa shut for 3 months & are surprised its busy? Absolutely not fit for purpose! And whilst i am moaning how long before the Driving instructor industry is destroyed? I give it to christmas, why learn to drive? Cant get a theory test can’t get a driving test sack it.

  2. Richard Huckstep

    The system is a joke, my pupil waited 7 hrs online hoping to book a test, they started at 33000 in the que , when they eventually got in and put in their choice of centre or date they were told no test available get back in the que ! This is not acceptable!

  3. chris lamport

    Sorry, but I can’t believe it won’t crash again. Letters of the alphabet starting A-L from 8am-12noon. 12.01pm-16.00 M-Z then a free for all after 16.01. I have no faith in the DSA to deal with unusual. We have a plan for a Nuclear fallout so why not the DSA they’ve had 5 months to get it back to normal

  4. The test booking service is a complete joke and a disgrace. I appreciate the original problem of crashing although this could have been forseen. My students queued on the website in a queue for 4 /5 hours the second time and still got nowhere. They saw the option to get test on hold but didn’t know how reliable this was. In all the correspondence from the dvsa it never mentioned this was an option and how it would work. If this was a normal company they would be out of business by now

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