Driving test booking service reopens

Driving test booking service opened at 8am this morning for England and Wales. Candidates in Scotland can book tests from 7 September.

The driving test booking service reopened at 8am today (Tuesday 1 September) for new bookings for the general public in England and Wales.

The service is only taking bookings for the next six weeks.

Candidates in Scotland will be available to book new tests from Monday 7 September 2020 for tests from 14 September 2020.

From Monday 14 September, DVSA will extend the period in which tests are available from six weeks to 18 weeks ahead. This will add over 375,000 more test appointments between 14 September 2020 and the end of January 2021.

The service will show available appointments at other nearest driving test centres if a candidate’s choice is fully booked.

All the available appointments are shown on the online service. The DVSA customer service centre does not have access to any other appointments, so please do not call them.

You can also check if driving tests are available at driving test centres before you book.

There is not a ‘waiting list’ or ‘cancellation list’ for driving tests – you can only book the appointments you can see online.

1 thought on “Driving test booking service reopens”

  1. Tracy Murray

    First day Tests in Scotland are available to book. Join the queue with the whole of the UK how insane. Spend hours to then be told the booking service is closed but the test availability link clearly shows that there is availability in my local test centre so why am I not able to book?? Why close the whole service. It should be done by postcode.

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