Driving tests suspended for up to three months

Rule of three

DVSA is suspending driving tests for up to three months from 21 March as there is extended contact between candidates and examiners in vehicles. Motorcycle tests are also being suspended.

This includes

  • Car driving tests
  • Motorcycle tests
  • ADI tests and checks
  • Lorry, coach and bus driving tests

DVSA has put in place plans to provide tests for people who provide essential services.

DVSA will get in touch with everyone with a test booked during this time to let them know their test has been suspended and it will automatically be re-booked.

In addition, all theory tests have been cancelled until Monday 20 April 2020 and refunds will be issued.

If your test has been suspended with less than three days’ notice, you and your pupils will be able to claim out-of-pocket expenses.

DVSA is monitoring the emerging situation and we will let you know if it needs to cancel any more tests.

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