Driving tests to restart on 3 December, DVSA confirms

Driver, rider and theory tests in England will restart on 3 December and not 2 December, as previously stated

DVSA has clarified with the Government that the new national restrictions will last up to and including Wednesday 2 December 2020. This means all driver, rider and theory tests will restart on Thursday 3 December. Driver and rider training should not restart until Thursday 3 December.

DVSA has emailed everyone with a test booked between Thursday 5 November and Wednesday 2 December to let them know it will be rescheduled to a new time and date.

3 thoughts on “Driving tests to restart on 3 December, DVSA confirms”

  1. A Disgrace is how I would describe DVSA behaviour towards those with November tests… some are now rebooked for March. So much for a culture of customer service and fairness!

  2. So what about those candidates who have a test on 4rd Dec & not been able to practise driving during lockdown.
    Rescheduling tests to March 2021 is a joke.

  3. It would be useful if ADIs understood the DVSA process for re-booking tests. One of my people had a test last Fri 13th Nov and has been re-booked for 16 March – three months delay! But another whose test was Mon this week (16 Nov) has been re-booked for 17 Dec – just one month delay. The latter guy is pleased because his theory will expire in January. It would be interesting to know if DVSA took that into account. More generally we don’t know if tests booked for the months following the current lockdown are being pushed back to allow those with tests during the current lockdown to have the minimum delay to a new date. That would in my view be the fairer approach.

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