DVLA staff take industrial action

Members of the PCS union are in a dispute with DVLA over COVID safety measures.

Hundreds of DVLA staff have gone on strike for a third time in a dispute over COVID safety measures. 

Members of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union who work for DVLA in Swansea will be on strike until Saturday.

The DVLA says it has done everything possible to keep workers safe and has followed official guidelines.

In April, DVLA sites in Swansea had recorded more than 500 COVID cases since the previous September among its workforce of around 6,000 people.

Its contact centre in Llansamlet had an outbreak, officially designated as such by Public Health Wales, of more than 350 cases.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “Through painstaking negotiation, our union and DVLA senior management were on the verge of agreeing a deal only for it to be scuppered at the last minute.

“PCS is fully prepared for months of strike action, and we urge the Government to rethink its position.”

A spokesperson from DVLA said: “It’s disappointing to see the Public and Commercial Services Union not only choose to continue with industrial action when there are zero COVID cases at DVLA, but they are also specifically targeting areas of the organisation that will have the greatest negative impact on the public, including some of the more vulnerable people in society, just as restrictions are starting to ease.”

2 thoughts on “DVLA staff take industrial action”

  1. Duane colley

    With the complete breakdown of the DVLA not being able to sort out driving tests and leaving our industry in a state where we cannot seriously manage the progress and expectations of our clients.
    Which affects our already struggling livelihoods and potential earnings which we have all had to endure an unprecedented year.
    We are constantly having to please this government department, so who does the DVLA have do their standards test.
    Perhaps the industry would benefit from an alternative entity that could provide the service, because you never get any quality of service from a monopolised body.

  2. Donald Bartley

    With so many people loosing there jobs at this present time the people that are on strike should be sacked or better still shot they are a disgrace.

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