DVSA annual review and annual report and accounts published

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DVSA’s annual review is now available to read online.   

The annual review takes a closer look at some of the stand-out successes of the past year, with colleagues from across DVSA sharing their experiences working on certain road safety projects. 

The review celebrates the hard work of DVSA staff and highlights the talent and determination that drives their work forward to make roads safer. 

DVSA annual report and accounts 

DVSA also published their annual report and accounts.  

The annual report shows what DVSA has done over the past 12 months to deliver their core purpose of helping to keep Britain moving, safely and sustainably.

It includes their sustainability report, which demonstrates how DVSA has performed against key environmental metrics and updates stakeholders on performance against our 2021-22 business plan.  

DVSA has a duty to remain open and transparent about their expenditure and performance and publishing the annual report online. 

1 thought on “DVSA annual review and annual report and accounts published”

  1. Robin Lamport

    In the area of driving tests that are a small part of the DVLA. I’d wish that you focus more on a reasonable wage for a job with high responsibility and not paying peanuts. A starting salary of £35,000 and before you object to this outrageous suggestion. These guys are on the front line of a very important task of assessing if the candidate is considered safe to drive. These guys need to be recognized for this demanding role. Staff turnover would reduce and good old consistency would flow better. Those that fall below the standard should not be kept on as witnessed in Kent and South London areas. Areas I’m also aware is how examiners are assaulted,kidnapped in one case where she had to wait 20 mins before the candidates car stopped to escape. (Sidcup). If the test fee were to rise then so be it as it would stop queue jumping the system and learn better. For young drivers the French system should be considered that nobody can take their test until you reach the age of 18. A log book to record driving hours, professionally trained and with full licence holders. My experience here is assessing foreign drivers skills before being employed by major companies. I also feel the DVLA are not understanding instructors well being, health issues, stress is becoming more challenging. Please think about those independent partners as we are licenced instructors by you to do our job. Please just don’t ignore this comment.

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