DVSA consults on fee increases across the board

DVSA consults on fee increases across the board

The agency has launched a public consultation on raising fees across all services. The rationale for the increases is to allow the agency to better invest in the quality and delivery of services, such as much needed investments in infrastructure (booking systems, for example).
DVSA are proposing to increase fees, across the board, by around (1.5%). The agency points out fees haven’t increased for over ten years and have lagged behind inflation, with the regulator having worked hard to balance the books with efficiency savings, rather than fee increases.

The consultation is now open and will run for 4 weeks until midnight on 2 September. Find out more about the measures and give your views.

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  1. Khalid Qureshi

    What I don’t understand is that booking theory or driving test for my pupils is not possible, no dates available, have been trying for weeks, how come internet brokers & agents keep finding dates for candidates when they pay them extra fees, IS DSA MAKING ANY MONEY FROM THESE AGENTS?

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