DVSA extends feedback deadline on surveys

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DVSA has extended the deadlines for feedback on two surveys: one on proposed changes to the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) standards check pass rates and the other on the flexible driving test service trials.

The survey on the proposed increase of the standards check pass rate from 31 to 33 out of 51 has already received over 2,000 responses. To allow for more feedback, the survey deadline has been extended by a week until Wednesday 22 March 2023. This proposal is part of DVSA’s ongoing campaign to raise professional standards in driving instruction across all vehicle types.

ADI Registrar Nick Taylor explains the reasons behind the proposal in his latest blog post. The DVSA will share the results of the survey with ADIs in due course and keep them informed about the progress of the proposal.

Complete the ADI Standards Check Consultation survey here.

The survey on the flexible driving test service trials seeks feedback on the alternative testing locations used during the trials. The DVSA has specifically requested feedback from ADIs whose pupils had tests at these locations. The survey deadline has been extended until 23:45 pm on Tuesday 21 March to allow for more feedback.

The lessons learned from the trials, including what worked and what didn’t, and the changes needed, will shape the second phase of trials later this year. Feedback from ADIs and their pupils who participated in the trials is a vital aspect of this process, ensuring that all aspects of the trials are considered.

The DVSA will use the feedback and lessons learned from the trials to map out the next steps for offering a flexible test service. The agency will keep ADIs updated on the progress of the trials and any changes to the testing locations.

You can complete the Flexible Test Delivery Service T1 – ADI Feedback survey here.

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