DVSA highlights guidance on critical worker driver training to police

DVSA has written to police forces regionally to draw their attention to the agency’s official guidance on the training and testing of critical workers at this time. The chief executive of the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has issued the following guidance to ADIs:

“I’m aware that some of the people whose work is critical to the coronavirus response will need to finish their driving lessons and be able to use a vehicle for their test. I’m very grateful to those of you who are able to continue providing lessons for those who need them. I

”In line with our plans to only provide tests for candidates who have an essential need, when taking lessons, we recommend that you ask candidates to bring appropriate ID with them demonstrating the need for them to take lessons – for example, an ID badge, payslip or letter from their employer.”

DVSA has requested that constabularies take account of this advice and include it in wider police guidance on What constitutes a reasonable excuse to leave the place where you live?. They have also asked that it is circulated to all appeal handling units so that any trainer who receives a fine in the course of their work (and is able to prove the training was necessary) can have this guidance considered in mitigation. 

Forces nationwide, alongside traffic enforcement officers on the Strategic Road Network, have also been made aware of the key worker training register and the need for some trainers to be conducting some on-road training at this time.

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