DVSA: How we are creating social media content to grab learner drivers’ attention

Like most people, learner drivers lead busy lives and juggle learning to drive with many other things. This means we are competing for their attention on social media alongside any number of other interests they have.

In her latest blog post, Abigail Britten (Head of Recovery Communications) talks about how the ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign has been meeting the challenge of creating social media content that will grab the attention of learner drivers.

This is important to help make sure that learners see DVSA’s messages and act on them. You can also help with this by sharing your ideas for new social media content in the comments of the blog.

DVSA has also added more content to Ready to Pass? toolkit for you to use to help promote the ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign to your pupils. It includes videos, images and GIFs that you can use on your website and social media channels.

Read Abigail’s blog post on Despatch

1 thought on “DVSA: How we are creating social media content to grab learner drivers’ attention”

  1. The name suggests a short term learning plan to pass a test, instead of a long term desire to be a safe driver. This is poor and just leads to poor drivers after a few years of driving on their own. Theory for life, not just for test is a must. Encourage the need to understand the Highway Code, not just giving questions and answers, that is all the pupils read.

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