DVSA: making it easier to manage your driving test bookings

On 10 February DVSA is making some changes to the book and manage your pupils test service to improve the swap functionality for business users and ADIs.

DVSA listened to your feedback to the latest ‘using the test booking service’ and have made a change to the system to help. When swapping tests, you will be able to search for compatible tests using a driving licence number or application reference number.

As well as the new search feature, the existing list of upcoming tests will still be shown (limited to 100 results). The update will allow users to search for a specific booking when finding compatible tests to swap with.

If you missed it you can read the full blog on what you told DVSA in the survey on GOV.UK

Improving the system to make it easier to manage your bookings

Over 50% of ADIs who responded told DVSA that they swap tests on the system. With over 60% doing it through the Customer Service Centre (CSC) rather than through the online system.

The changes to the system will make it easier for ADIs who use the system to swap tests on the system and save them time by not needing to call its CSC to swap test.

You can still speak to DVSA about managing bookings by calling on 0300 200 1122 . The best time to call is between 4pm and 6pm using the number above and pressing the 2-digit fast track code when calls to our CSC are at lower levels.

Helping your pupils to be ready

87% of ADIs that responded said the main reasons they swap tests between their own pupils is because they are not ready. Improving the way tests can be managed will give greater freedom to do this and allow ADIs to only send pupils for test who are ready.

This could help to improve the driving test pass rate as more learners would be willing to delay their test if they are not ready if their instructor could offer them an alternately test at a time when they would be ready

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