DVSA reviewing test centre waiting room closure policy

The agency is working to review individual centres and see how some waiting rooms could be made safely available.

DVSA has said it is reviewing the current situation with test centre waiting rooms and hoping to find a way to open them safely. 

Currently all test centre waiting rooms are shut due to concerns around the spread of COVID-19. DVSA says it is working with the Health & Safety Executive and driving instructor associations to review individual centres and see how some waiting rooms could be made safely available.

DVSA said: “It’s our priority to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect you, your pupils and our examiners, so for everyone’s safety we reduced access to our driving test centres. 

“We understand this is causing some of you issues, particularly if your local test centre has no other local amenities.”

DVSA has said it will update the public about this situation soon.

4 thoughts on “DVSA reviewing test centre waiting room closure policy”

  1. Richard Stansfield

    There are numerous health and safety aspects to not allowing access to test centres for example the use of toilets and also as the weather gets colder
    It also adds to the pressure on students who are understandably nervous just because it’s their driving test so additional restrictions only add to that
    Please keep applying pressure on the DVSA to correct this situation

  2. I’m a chronic asthmatic, how am I expected to wait outside in adverse conditions while my student is on test! Why is there so little regard for the health and safety of Driving Instructors? No wonder so many Instructors are leaving or considering leaving the profession! Only the welfare of the examiners is being taken into account!

  3. Roger Hosking

    ‘Dear DVSA.

    If I bring my own cleaning products, can I use your waiting room when it starts raining/gets colder?’

  4. Peter Hurley

    Locking us out in the cold rain is not going to prevent disease. I have just been reading in new scientist how bacteria and viruses have symbiotic relationships and co operate to give us a kicking so getting the flu from standing outside is even more bad for your health and will make you more vulnerable to covid.

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