DVSA Survey suggests Rising Importance of Mock Driving Tests Among ADIs

The results of a survey from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) reveals fresh insights into how approved driving instructors (ADIs) perceive and implement mock driving tests. Conducted from 7th to 22nd February 2023, it received responses from over 10% of all ADIs, amounting to 4,033 participants. The findings of this research contrast and compare with those of a previous survey done in 2019.

Key insights

  • 97% of ADIs offer mock tests to their pupils or those of other instructors.
  • 84% of these ADIs extend this offer to all their pupils, marking a rise of 3% from 2019.
  • One in five ADIs saw an increase in the requests for mock tests in the three months leading up to the survey.

The study found that most ADIs offer more than one mock test, with 74% of ADIs never having a pupil refuse a mock test. The importance of having mock tests representative of the real examination was noted by 96% of ADIs, a significant increase of 7% since 2019.

However, the report also highlights that mock tests are not always viewed as useful, with some instructors considering them pointless or even harmful. Additionally, the role of ADIs in offering mock tests to other instructors’ pupils has evolved, especially since new guidelines were developed by DVSA, with more ADIs being asked to provide this service now than in 2019. Primarily, this has been the case since

The comprehensive report delves into these findings and others in more detail, exploring the current practices and attitudes of ADIs towards mock driving tests.

Read the report summary here

Read the full report here

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