DVSA Update: DVSA Chief Executive, Loveday Ryder, met with Transport Select Committee this week

Loveday Ryder, the Chief Executive of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), attended the Transport Select Committee on 5 July 2023 to discuss the agency’s efforts in handling the surging demand for driving tests. The agency revealed that approximately one million tests were missed during the pandemic, leading to a significant backlog. Despite efforts to increase test availability, waiting times continue to be high. Three main factors contributing to the delays include increased demand fuelled by a stronger economy, sustained industrial action, and a shift in customer booking behaviour due to low confidence in test availability.

Since the end of COVID-19 restrictions, the DVSA has provided over a million additional driving tests to address a backlog caused by the pandemic. However, demand remains high, and waiting times are expected to persist into 2024. Changes in customer booking behaviour due to low confidence in test availability have also contributed to extended waiting times. Learners are now booking their practical test immediately after passing their theory test, sometimes even before having practical driving lessons. This often results in test date changes as learners aren’t ready, making it more difficult for test-ready individuals to secure a slot.

During her attendance at the Transport Select Committee, Ryder emphasised the need for further research to better understand and tackle these challenges. More details about the DVSA’s strategies and future plans will be shared on the blog, and readers are encouraged to keep abreast of these updates.

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5 thoughts on “DVSA Update: DVSA Chief Executive, Loveday Ryder, met with Transport Select Committee this week”

  1. Janette Scott

    maybe drivers should have to have so many hours behind the wheel of a car before being able to book a test.
    or the instructor has to book the test so that they know the pupil is ready.

  2. Gary Quinn Driving Instructor

    The whole process of taking a test creates a backlog.
    The need to pass the theory test before you can take a Driving test adds to the waiting list.
    Some pupils take to driving more easily than others so why not let them take the Driving test then have 12 months to pass the theory where they could then receive their full licence,if they don’t pass in 12 months they would have to resit their practical test.
    I feel this would help reduce the backlog as competant drivers would be off the list.

  3. Helen Watkinson

    The DVSA have failed to stop unscrupulously persons using bots to collect last minute and cancelled tests.

    I have a student who is openly paying twice for her next test.

    No matter what I say her Dad wants her to pass so is prepared to pay what ever it costs to get Addie tests until she passes.

    It was bad waiting 6weeks pre covid for a test but we would all love to be only waiting 6weeks not 6months.

    No matter how many mock test you do the students want to drive. That’s the be all end all.

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