DVSA urges trainers to ensure pupils really are ready for test

Last week DVSA launched the ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign to improve learner drivers’ understanding of what it means to be test ready.

Now, whilst the true professionals reading this, who never takes a pupil to test who isn’t ready for the responsibility of full licensure and independent driving, may see the initiative as a little bit of teaching Grandma to such eggs, the regulator points to a concern that post lockdown, more and more pupils are leaping to take their test before they are truly ready (an increase in tests having to be halted due to safety concerns being one worrying indicator). Given issues with test supply and long waiting times, DVSA is keen that test slots are being utilised only by those really ready to pass. 

DVSA has produced a stakeholder toolkit which includes digital assets for ADIs to use on their own website and signpost their pupils to campaign page on GOV.UK.  89% of learners say that ADIs have the biggest influence over them when it comes to them assessing their test readiness, which is why the agency wants to engage trainers in the campaign. 

The toolkit includes information about the campaign and some key messages which you can use to start a conversation with your pupils and their parents. There is also draft content and graphics for social media, customer emails, blog posts and your website.

All of the tips and toolkit can be found on the campaign website at https://readytopass.campaign.gov.uk.

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