DVSA wants to learn more about how its resources are used by your pupils

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DVSA is committed to learning as much as possible about what your pupils think of the resources it provides to help them prepare for their driving test. Such as how they used them, what impact they had and what other tools and content they would like to see.

To allow it to do this DVSA have launched a new feedback survey for your pupils from Tuesday 23 May. They will be sent it a few days after they take their driving test so that they have had more time to reflect on their results and test experience.

The data gathered will be used by DVSA to improve the learning resources it provides to your pupils now and in the future, to help give them the best support possible in preparing for their driving test.

This new survey is different to its general feedback survey which is sent to your pupil’s in their test results email immediately after their test. It will be shorter and more specific to resources such as the ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign.

DVSA would like you to encourage your pupils to complete the survey when they see it.

Updated ‘Ready to Pass?’ Driving Instructor Toolkit

DVSA has recently updated our Driving Instructor Toolkit with new resources to help you promote the ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign with your pupils. By using these resources it will show that you are a supporter of DVSA and the ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign which could help attract new pupils who are shopping around for a driving instructor.

You can view the updated toolkit here.

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