DVSA: What we learned from the 2023 driving instructor survey

On Thursday 10 August 2023, DVSA published the results of the 2023 working as a driving instructor survey, which 5,795 people too part in.

The survey looked at these main topics:

  • about your business
  • managing your business
  • your work
  • skills and resources
  • continuing professional development
  • health and wellbeing

Here are are some headline figures:

  • 62.2% of ADIs spend at least 25 hours working as an approved driving instructor (ADI) each week
  • £31 to £35 is the most common price charged for a one-hour lesson – 46.6% of ADIs charge this
  • 29.8% of ADIs currently have availability to take on new pupils
  • 90.8% of ADIs agree the role gives them a sense of personal accomplishment
  • 85.2% of ADIs intend to continue in the role for at least the next year
  • 53.6% of ADIs have done some form of continuing professional development (CPD) in the last 12 months
  • 59.3% of ADIs have experienced musculoskeletal problems in the last 12 months

Take a look at the full report which highlights:

  • which region has the highest proportion of ADIs charging £36 or more a lesson
  • how time qualified as an ADI affects average lesson prices charged
  • which region has the highest proportion of ADIs with availability to take on new pupils
  • which region has the highest proportion of ADIs taking continuing professional development (CPD)
  • who’s more likely to have done any CPD – newly-qualified or longer-serving ADIs

To read the full report, you can find it on the DVSA Despatches blog

1 thought on “DVSA: What we learned from the 2023 driving instructor survey”

  1. Robin Lamport

    It’s pathetic that, this response is so poor with only 5795 actually took the time to respond that’s only 14% bothered to took the time to complete this survey. This 14% are the carers in this industry, the rest just goes to show they do not understand our industry needs help, but for grace of dosh they do not care one little bit! It certainly isn’t a just result and bares no resemblance to the reality in our industry which is a shame and replying to important issues to try and understand our problems that are growing with no end result. This should be added to be part of CPD training. I can hold my head up and know that I deliver a premier service, but struggle to book realistic time window knowing when I can take somebody to test. I’m losing money here because I do not want to waste their monies with the service I provide.

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