DVSA’s top 10 mistakes people make when failing their driving test

The DVSA have revealed the most common reasons learners have failed their driving tests.

Instructors received these communications during the backlog caused by the pandemic in the hope that these common reasons were focused on during tuition and refresher sessions, with many having been out of practice due to lockdown. DVSA is hoping that many more people will pass first time and not need to rebook their tests at a later date should they fail.

Peter Brabin, Head of Training at Bill Plant said: “It’s really interesting to have this data broken down by the DVSA, highlighting exactly what UK learner drivers are most commonly struggling with when on their driving tests.

“What’s somewhat surprising is that a lot of the most common test failures are some of the very first things you’re taught when you get behind the wheel.

“That clearly just goes to show that maintaining a regular pattern of lessons is important to keep up the fundamentals, and that nerves can play a large part in the test experience which causes silly mistakes that you wouldn’t expect.

“While we obviously want as many learner drivers passing their driving test and enjoying the freedom on the road that many of us are fortunate enough to enjoy, this just goes to show why it’s imperative learner drivers are properly scrutinised on their test.

“None of us want unsteady, uncertain and unsafe drivers on the road, causing more accidents and issues and more rebooked driving tests.

“Safety must be the upmost priority – it always has been and always will be.”

Top ten mistakes causing learners to fail their driving test:

  1. Not making effective observations at junction
  2. Not using mirrors correctly when changing direction
  3. Not having proper control of the steering
  4. Incorrect positioning when turning right at junctions
  5. Not moving off safely
  6. Not responding appropriately to traffic lights
  7. Poor positioning on the road during normal driving
  8. Not responding correctly to traffic signs
  9. Not having control of the vehicle when moving off
  10. Not keeping control of the vehicle during reverse parking

3 thoughts on “DVSA’s top 10 mistakes people make when failing their driving test”

  1. Nigel ALBRIGHT

    Reference: “Safety must be the upmost priority – it always has been and always will be.” is a contradiction in terms of the standard driving test when there are two elements which are unsound and potentially unsafe and where one is clearly against HC guidelines and in some conditions illegal. I am afraid given those factors the apelet, ‘Save driving for life’ clearly is not suitable.

  2. This is helpful and can be used in training. When I am on a 60 or 70 mph road the number of people who pull out in front of me is terrifying. When I do dual carriageway training I teach escape strategy for this.

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