Emergency driving tests for key workers

DVSA has launched new emergency driving test services for key workers. 

To support the launch DVSA has emailed all the existing applicants to let them know that to continue their application they need to complete the online form. These applicants will be prioritised over any new applicants.

DVSA also emailed all ADIs, ATB and vocational trainers to explain what’s changing, why, the procedure for those who have already applied, and asking them to remove the previous email addresses from their websites and Facebook pages and replace with links to the new service. 

Key workers should apply for an emergency theory test here.

Key workers should apply for an emergency driving test here.

DVSA has shared its standard operating procedures for carrying out emergency tests. It is hoped the guidance will help those who choose to carry out training for pupils whose work is critical to the coronavirus response.

Download the DVSA standard operating procedure for conducting driving tests for key workers

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