Evolving learner driver training: Introducing the Milestones project

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In an effort to improve new driver road safety, the Driving Instructors Association (DIA) is thrilled to announce the launch of the groundbreaking Milestones project.

This innovative initiative aims to evolve the learning journey for new drivers by evaluating the effectiveness of a more holistic modular pre-test training programme in reducing their risk post-test. 

What is the Milestones project?

At its core, the Milestones project seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of requiring learners to work towards and demonstrate competency in a number of modules focused on the key risks of new drivers. The programme is backed by the Department for Transport and supported by key road safety stakeholders. 

How does it work?

Learner drivers participating in the Milestones project will engage in a prescribed programme of learning both in-car and online. The training will be structured around key areas of new driver risk, with a focus on improving their understanding and ability to manage these risks independently.

Evaluating impact through research

The project will divide participants into three core groups to assess the impact of different training methods. One group will undergo a full programme of in-car and online learning and assessments. Another group will receive only in-car training and assessments, while a third group will serve as a control group, following traditional learning methods.

Involving learner drivers

The project is actively seeking ADIs to help deliver the in-car training and assessment of the research and to also assist in recruiting pupils, aged 17-24, for the trial. By involving learners in the study, researchers aim to gain valuable insights into how different training approaches shape safer novice drivers.

Why is Milestones important?

Milestones offers an opportunity to reshape the future of driver education. By participating in the project, ADIs can contribute to meaningful change in how we learn to drive in the UK and help explore new avenues for learner assessment and training. It also offers the opportunity to understand how the role of the ADI could grow in terms of formal training and assessment of new drivers. 

Join us in the Milestones project and be part of the journey towards safer roads and better-prepared drivers. Together, we can pave the way for a new era of driver training in the UK.

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Explore this detailed YouTube video that dissects the Milestones trial.

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