Examiners can wear face masks, says DVSA

DVSA has announced that examiners may choose to wear their own face covering.

Wearing a face covering is optional and is not required by law, including in the workplace. If you or your pupils choose to wear one, it is important to use face coverings properly and wash your hands before putting them on and taking them off. Care must be taken to ensure that any additional items worn do not interfere with the control of the test. There is the potential for glasses fogging up when worn with a face covering.

Candidates are not required to wear face coverings, tests should still be conducted under these circumstances.

Where a candidate turns up for test wearing a face covering/mask, where necessary examiners will ask the candidate to temporarily remove their face covering/mask so their identity can be confirmed.

Where candidates present for test wearing glasses and a face covering/mask, examiners will make them aware of the increased possibility of glasses/eye protection fogging up. Where issues arise with this on test, examiners will offer advice and guidance to help resolve the problem. If the issues continue to interfere with the safety of the test the examiner will terminate/stop the test on safety grounds.

4 thoughts on “Examiners can wear face masks, says DVSA”

  1. Face coverings protect the other person. If I was an examiner I would insist on candidate wearing a face mask to protect me. It would be No Facemasks, No test. Where are the PCS union on this?

    1. As mentioned above…there are issues with glasses fogging up, look up the statistics surrounding the use of face masks hence why it’s not law to wear 👌🏽

    2. PCS are more concerned with pay rises, pensions, and strike action that worrying about Health and Safety, as far as masks are concerned, as long as you are wearing your face mask that’s all that matters, you can advise a candidate but cannot demand.

    3. Julia Claxton

      Agreed and my daughter is having a test and will not get in the car if the examiner has no mask on. But they do fog up glasses that can make driving unsafe. Difficult one.

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