Examiners vote to strike over plans to increase tests per day

Examiners vote to strike over plans to increase tests per day

PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union) members working for DVSA as driving examiners, and their line managers, have voted to support strike action and action short of strike in defence of their working terms and conditions.

92% of members voted for strike action on an 80% turnout with 95% voting yes to action short of a strike.

DVSA have notified examiners that they intend to implement the new 8-test schedule from 11 October 2021, despite union opposition. PCS have stated they have concerns around both the wellbeing of members and the health and safety implications to the public of introducing an additional test to an already time pressured schedule.

Members’ meetings will be held on 28, 29 and 30 September and PCS members working as driving examiners, along with their line managers, will be considering strike action.

PCS remains open to talks with DVSA management, if the imposition of the 8-test schedule is suspended before the strike date.

DVSA have acknowledged pupils and trainers will have concerns on how this will affect driving tests and have said they will provide further information as soon as possible.

In response to the threat of industrial action DVSA Chief Executive Loveday Ryder said:
“The country has endured so much as a result of COVID-19 and we have been in regular discussion with Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) on how we can support the recovery of our services, so it is disappointing that the PCS has chosen to take this course of action.
“Safely reducing driving test waiting times will contribute to the national recovery effort and we are taking steps to provide thousands of learner drivers with the vital driving tests they need to access employment, education, health and social activities.
“As part of our plans to increase the number of tests available, we have trialled examiners carrying out an additional test per day, during their normal working hours. The safety and wellbeing of our customers and colleagues is paramount. We continue to work with colleagues and PCS on these proposed changes.”

8 thoughts on “Examiners vote to strike over plans to increase tests per day”

  1. Why can’t examiners just be offered overtime in advance, then for those who wish to take the overtime extra test times can be made available for candidates to book.

  2. Examiners are already enjoying additional time between tests when a candidate commits one serious fault and returns to the test centre as soon as practicable. This means that some tests may only last five or ten minutes. I would estimate that while this policy remains in place, the additional testing time required to do one extra test per day, would be compensated for by the early return of failed candidates.


    After all that we have been through, so many people not receiving any money, I think they are being selfish

  4. Harry Driver

    In Ireland, some years ago, there was quite a backlog of driving . To combat the problem the Dept. of Transport offered testers an extra €50.00 (per test) to conduct evening and weekend tests. Prior to that they were doing just seven tests per day. However, with the new incentive, working longer hours and an extra day (Saturday) posed no concerns around the well being of testers, the health and safety implications and didn’t appear to pressure their test schedule.
    Its amazing what money can do.

    ADI Ireland

  5. Simply another nail in the coffin of the DVSA and the poor state they are in after the pandemic. Even trying to put some of the strain onto driving instructors with the new stupid Standards check points system they have bungled in on the sly.

  6. Rawn Jackson

    I support the Union position
    Maybe driver instructors should support the union strike action plans!

  7. Lucy Anne Molland

    As a driving instructor I can empathise with the decision for strike action, however, the impact on our pupils and test availability will have a huge impact. Many of my pupils have been waiting over a year and a half for their test due to covide and if cancelled again will cause great distress.

    I hope Ms Loveday can be resolve this situation without strike action.

    Lucy Molland

  8. Walton Edwards

    This seems rather a hindrance rather than an improvement. 1 of student had to wait nearly 10 minutes for an examiner to come out and take him on his test. By then he was anxious and even more nervous. How can the dvsa consider increasing the number of tests when they cannot complete 7?

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