Expert reveals little-known functions of car seatbelts that could save your life

Close-up of seat belt mounting of a young man in a car, a female driver fastens a seat belt.

A seatbelt could ‘save you’ in several different ways – and it’s not in the way you think, claims a motoring expert.

Motorists are well aware that wearing a seatbelt is mandatory for your safety, however one expert has revealed there are other lesser known functions of the belt.

TikTok user @chequanlaosi reveals a handy tip which involves checking the seatbelt’s label to see when the car was made.

The TikToker claims if you discover that the production date is earlier than the seatbelt, then that could mean the car has been in an accident.

In the video titled ‘these hidden secrets of car seat belts can save your life at critical moments,’ the expert begins: “90 per cent of people only know to wear car seatbelts, but I bet you do not know a seatbelt had these four hidden functions.

“First, when the car breaks down, pull out the seatbelt all the way, close the door and then hang on the shoulder so you can control the direction with one hand.

“And then use your whole body to push the car.”

When describing another tip the TikTok user said: “Second, when buying a car, to prevent buying a flooded car, you must pull the seatbelt to the bottom.

“Look at the bottom of the seatbelt, and if there’s mud or a mouldy smell, it is likely to be a water bubble car.”

His final tip is in the event of an accident and being trapped in the car, you should use the metal belt buckle to hit the edge of the car window to escape.

While some people thought his advice was ‘nothing new’ others were less convinced his ideas would safely work. One TikTok user claimed: “Should get your facts right before posting videos.”


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