Experts reveal bizarre ways to stop car condensation

Every year the cold and wet weather brings an annoying issue all drivers have to deal with.

When warm air collides with cold surfaces it creates condensation, something that has been a pet peeve of drivers for as long as cars have existed.

Car experts at Leasing Options have revealed a few ways to get rid of condensation as well as one method that’ll leave you scratching your head.

With this in mind, here are the unusual ways to get rid of condensation from your vehicle.

How to get rid of condensation using this common cosmetic product

The first of the bizarre life hacks recommended by the experts includes using shaving foam to fight against the scourge of wet and misty car windows.

While seemingly counterintuitive, the experts explained that slathering this product onto your windows can stop warm moisture from landing on these cold surfaces.

Leasing Options state that rubbing shaving foam in with your fingers and wiping it off again can create a film that stops the moisture from being able to land.

Also, because the foam is so highly aerated, it keeps a film thin enough that it does not leave streaks or marks that might obstruct your view.

Here are some other weird ways to get rid of condensation in your car:

  • Cat litter in a pair of tights

Cat litter pellets are designed to absorb moisture, so placing these in a pair of tights can be a great way of catching the moisture before it lands on your windows, according to Leasing Options.

  • Smear washing-up liquid on your windows

A popular choice to use in bathrooms to prevent steamed-up windows, this classic tip involves rubbing washing-up liquid on your car windows using a dry cloth until the surface is dry.

  • Silica sachets reduce car humidity

Commonly found in new pairs of shoes, silica sachets are also designed to absorb moisture from the air.

Researchers at Leasing Options recently found that these handy items can reduce humidity by up to 40%. They can also be dried out and used again.

  • Tupperware boxes filled with coarse salts

If you fill a tupperware box with coarse salts it can be used in cars so long as the boxes are sealed and have small holes pierced in the top of them.

This is commonly used in homes as a way to prevent condensation and damp.

1 thought on “Experts reveal bizarre ways to stop car condensation”

  1. Policing Through

    How about keeping the glass clean so moisture has less to land on and using the air con to dry the incoming air? Clean the glass with Autoglym cream, not the squirty stuff which merely moves the dirt around, buff it clean and you will be fine. Once a month should be fine.

    Domestic damp is either due to a lack of air circulation or a breached damp proof course. Water leaks do the trick too, as do clogged gutters.

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