First drive after passing test beats driving home for Christmas in new poll

New AA poll reveals first drive is the most significant journey for many drivers.

Driving home after passing your test has beaten bringing a new baby home and driving home for Christmas in a new poll.

Drivers were polled by the AA on which significant car journey was the most important to them and one quarter (28%) voted for their first trip after passing their driving test.

The survey found that on in five (20%) drivers feel bringing a child home from the hospital for the first time is the most important to them, 12% voted for driving home to family for Christmas and 12% said their first road trip as an adult was top for them.

A further 10% of people said taking their first driving lesson was the most significant journey to them.

Sarah Rees, AA Driving School managing director, said: “Passing your driving test is a huge step in your life and it’s no wonder the memory of driving with their own licence for the first time has stuck with so many people.

“It’s also interesting to see that taking your first driving lesson is so memorable, coming in fifth in our survey, as it can be an exciting day and the first step towards driving freedom for many people.”

The top 10 responses also included driving to your own wedding (7th), taking a relative to university for the first time (8th), moving into your first home as an adult (9th) and driving to a friend or family member’s wedding (10th).

Top 5 most significant car journeys:

  1. The first journey after passing my driving test 28%
  2. Bringing a child home from the hospital for the first time 20%
  3. Driving home to family for Christmas 12%
  4. The first road trip as an adult 12%
  5. Taking my first driving lesson b

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