Flexible driving centres trials: DVSA need your feedback

DVSA have completed the four-week trial of flexible driving test centres that took place in Birmingham (Kings Heath), Doncaster, Dumfries and Mill Hill.

If any of your pupils had tests from the alternative locations, DVSA would like to know your thoughts on the sites.

You can complete the survey here.

It takes five minutes to complete and will be open for two weeks from March 1st. DVSA have also contacted candidates whose tests were moved to one of the alternative sites to find out what they think.

Learning from the trials

The lessons learned from these trials, what worked, what didn’t, and the changes that are need to make will play a big part in shaping the second phase of trials being held later this year.

Getting feedback from you and your pupils who took part and did tests at alternative sites is a big part of making sure that all aspects of the trials are considered as part of this process.

Lessons learned from the trial and your feedback will help DVSA map out the next steps for offering a flexible test service. DVSA have stated that it will keep you updated on progress.

1 thought on “Flexible driving centres trials: DVSA need your feedback”

  1. Martin Whitehead

    The dvsa should stop messing around with flexible sites and concentrate on getting waiting times down. There are too many time slots which sometimes causes problems with parking up for tests.

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