Government decides to not extend theory test certificates

Despite the recent petition, the government has announced it will not extend theory test certificates.

The government says it has further considered the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the validity period of theory test certificates. Despite the recent petition the government has decided not to extend theory test certificates. This is due to road safety reasons.  

DVSA said: “We understand this will be disappointing for some of your pupils, but it’s essential that they have the most up-to-date road safety knowledge and hazard perception skills at the critical point that they drive on their own for the first time.” 

If your pupil’s practical driving test has been postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions, DVSA will reschedule it for the next available test appointment at their chosen test centre. If no test appointments are available at their chosen test centre before their theory test certificate expires, their practical test booking will be put on hold.

If your pupil’s driving test is suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions, and their theory test certificate has expired or expires, DVSA will cancel and refund the cost of their practical test. Your pupil will then need to rebook and pass their theory test before they can sit a practical test.

Your pupil must have a valid theory test certificate before they can book their practical test, and on the day they take it.

If your pupil’s theory test certificate has been put on hold because it is due to expire, they can either:

  • Cancel their booking and get a full refund
  • Look on the booking system for a cancellation at their original test centre or book an available test appointment at a different test centre on a date before their theory test expires – in line with any current travel restrictions

If your pupil does not rebook or cancel their practical test before their theory test certificate expires, their practical test booking with be cancelled and refunded.

Your pupils can book a new theory test up to six months before their current theory test certificate expires, or at any time after it has expired.

You pupils can request a refund for the cost of their practical test through the online cancellation service at

They need to include their name and two of the following identifiers in their email:

  • Their driving licence number
  • Their theory test pass certificate number
  • Their driving test booking reference

1 thought on “Government decides to not extend theory test certificates”

  1. Doreen Morrison

    Disgusting. At least if they are not extending the Theory certificate a refund or free resit should be awarded. I signed the petition and spread the link far and wide so there were as many supporters as I could muster on the petition. Money grabbing DVSA obviously not willing to do this.

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