Highway Code to be updated

The update will include clearer advice on where to stop in an emergency, variable speed limits and more.

Highways England is to update The Highway Code to help road users better understand how motorways and high-speed roads operate.

The agency has drafted updated guidance after more than 3,200 people and organisations responded to a consultation on the guidance, with their comments directly leading to it being amended and improved. The amendments are expected to become part of The Highway Code later this year.

The update will include:

  • Clearer advice on where to stop in an emergency
  • The importance of not driving in a lane closed by a red X
  • The use of variable speed limits to manage congestion
  • Updated guidance on key factors that contribute to safety-related incidents, including driving while tired, unroadworthy vehicles, safe towing, tailgating and driving in roadworks

Jeremy Phillips, Highways England’s head of road safety, said: “The updates to The Highway Code will help everyone who uses our busiest roads.

“Thanks to the input from road users, we have been able to produce clearer guidance on how to use our motorways and major A-roads which will make journeys even safer.

“The new edition of The Highway Code can give everyone on our roads the confidence that they have the knowledge and skills to safely get from A to B.

“In total, 33 existing rules will be amended and two new rules will be introduced. There will also be a number of amendments made to the additional information within The Highway Code and its annexes.

“Highways England has provided the amendments to The Highway Code as part of its commitment to provide clearer information for road users to further improve safety across England’s major routes.

“It is vital that all road users are aware of The Highway Code, are considerate to other road users and understand their responsibility for their own safety and that of others.”

View the results of the consultation.

4 thoughts on “Highway Code to be updated”

  1. I would like to see rule 60 revert to its safer original advice that all cycles must display steady lights, not flashing. The advice given should be the safest and a steady light is since the highway code was first written. Since led lights came out they have the ability to flash, that does not make flashing a good or safe thing to do. We may not have enough police to enforce these things but the rules should be the safest practice. When flashing was first in the highway code it said “a flashing light may be good enough”, that is not best advice and I see that wording was changed. Go back to safest advice we don’t need acceptance of bad practice.

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