How to Drive More Economically

How to Drive More Economically

Are you down with the staggering costs of running your car? Are you desperately looking for help to cut on fuel costs? Buying a car is a huge investment. And the ongoing expenses could take a toll on your fiscal structure if you are not a mindful driver. The good thing is there are several ways how you can drive more economically and it starts with you. The post below by Insurance Revolution offers a handy guide on making the most of your steam without costing an arm or leg.

Check tyre pressure

Under-inflated tyres would make the car gobble up more fuel. Do you know nearly 20 percent of fuel gets wasted in tackling rolling resistance? Sadly, most of the car owners don’t know this simple fact. Experts always suggest to check tyre pressure on a regular basis to watch out for under-inflated tyres. Properly inflated tyres are one of the best ways to assure solid fuel efficiency on your rides. So, get a pressure gauge tomorrow and make sure to have weekly checks on the tyre. Replace your tyre immediately the moment you notice signs of under-inflation. You will be glad to know timely replacement of under-inflated tyres will save you a handy £4 on per fuel tank.

Turn off things not in use

This is another important tip when you are looking to know how to drive more economically. Get into the culture of turning off things that are not in use at present. The same goes with your car. Make sure to turn the car engine off while you are stuck in a packed traffic. Turn off AC when it’s not too hot outside. You can certainly keep the air-con off while driving after sunset. You should also make it a point to switch off the heater at rare window, headlights and demister while you are not using them.

More you use them, higher would be the fuel consumption. So, when turn them off, even if it’s for a minute, the difference would be noticeable. Just follow it for one month and compare the fuel costs you will incur with that of the previous month. The new experience is going to be a rewarding one.

Check your speed limit

When you take the steering, the first thing that you would remind yourself is that “you are not a racer”. So, there is no point in storming at 80mph. It’s not only dangerous but also uses up till 25 percent more fuel compared to driving at 70mph. Likewise, driving at 70mph will use 9 percent more fuel compared to wheeling at 60mph.

Smooth driving saves

Smooth driving saves both lives and money. Aggressive braking or accelerating does not add any iota of glamour or strength to your profile. In fact, it just makes you appear silly. Most importantly, reckless driving eats up fuel like anything, sometimes up to 60 percent. So, make sure to practice gentle acceleration when you want to drive more economically.

Moreover, when you drive safe, there is lesser chance of collisions and consequently fewer risks of car damage. This way, you won’t have to shell out for repair works after every couple of weeks.

Use specified engine oil

Car owners are often not mindful about the engine oil specifications on the vehicle handbook. But you should know that when the handbook has mentioned a certain kind of engine oil for your car- it has done it for a reason. Not all engine oils are compatible for every kind of engine. Some engines need specific lubricants to make the most of their efficiency. If you don’t give them that, they cannot perform at their best. As a result they would ask for more volume of fuel, thereby staggering your driving costs. So, be smart enough to check out for the engine oil specifications in your vehicle handbook.

Regular servicing for your car

This is another important tip to note while you are looking to drive more economically. You must get your car checked and serviced regularly. Timely servicing keeps the car parts in first-rate condition so that they are able to make the most of their power. A fine-tuned engine equipped with fresh air filters and new oil would run better compared to a neglected one. A more efficient engine invariably eliminates more fuel consumption than that’s necessary to drive the car.

Stop idling

Idling is one of the major reasons behind high driving costs. When you hang around unnecessarily, you end up wasting more fuel. So, it’s better you use the car only when it’s needed.

Reduce weight

Extra weight in car invariably translates to additional fuel consumption. So, reduce all unnecessary weight from your car and enjoy handy savings on fuel bills each month.

Try to bypass short trips

Do you use your car to get the Sunday papers from the local corner shop? Do you know it’s one of the reasons why you are down with staggering fuel bills? Well, it’s true chaps. When you want to drive more economically, do not use the car for short trips. Cold engines tend to use twice the volume of fuel as needed by warm engine. The result- you end up paying more on fuel costs every month. If you can replace short car trips by brisk walks, it would be great both for your wallet and health.

Use de-icer for cold engine

Only a few things are as worse as a cold engine in winter months when you are in a rush. Most of us have the practice to leave the vehicle running for a good warm up. Please don’t do that. It will not only expedite engine wear but also lead to unnecessary waste of fuel. The more economical option is to invest in a quality de-icer. It will eliminate the need to leave the car running for warm up and would also save you on fuel costs in turn.

Economical driving is no rocket science. You just have to be little smarter.

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